The Wheel and Axle


The Power of Nature

by on Sep.26, 2017, under Society, Travel & Culture

… and the horrors wrought upon her by man.

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Simon & Garfunkel would approve.

by on Sep.24, 2017, under Music & Theater, Society, Travel & Culture

Sometimes, satire really bites with hilarious (and yet sad) truths.

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Respect for Fellow Men

by on Sep.21, 2017, under Society, Travel & Culture

I can’t wait to finally visit Japan.

Also, that escalator example is quite the (unintended?) #shade for Pinoys. Hahaha.

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Never Give Up

by on Sep.18, 2017, under Society, Travel & Culture

Something absolutely inspiring for the week ahead.

Happy Monday!

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Aurelio Postscript: Mabuhay ang Tanghalan!

by on Sep.17, 2017, under Literature, Music & Theater, Society, Travel & Culture

Because I enjoyed it so much, I watched Aurelio Sedisyo: A Rock Sarswela again. I basically book-ended the experience, having first seen it during opening night and now capping it with the closing show. And while opening night was great, the production has definitely found its footing and is even more polished.

I’ve spoken previously of the wonderful performance of the cast members, but this time I was able to watch Baron Geisler as Tikbalang. Just like the rest of the cast, he is excellent onstage. Despite the occasional difficulty of being heard (it might have been his mic), Baron has a powerful presence, perhaps more so than his alternate, that truly helps embody the personification of American Imperialism. His is an imposing antagonist, one that is disturbing, hilarious, and frightening all at the same time – a portrayal deserving of the character.

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Skirting The Issue

by on Sep.15, 2017, under Queer, Society

Why skirts on men is even an issue is quite baffling, to be honest.

And this guy gets props for raising further awareness on why such gender normativity is ultimately meaningless.

And he’s cute, to boot. Mmm.

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Even More #PinoyPride

by on Sep.13, 2017, under Society, Travel & Culture

The 2017 SEA Games ended two weeks ago on 30 August 2017, and while the Philippines did not become over-all champion, we did get to have a fairly good showing in bagging 24 gold medals (not to mention 33 silvers and 64 bronzes).

Trenten Beram, for example, dashed his way into our hearts.

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And Then It Got Darker

by on Sep.11, 2017, under Society

Sixteen years ago, the world changed.

I was in Manila, of course. We were celebrating the birthday of a friend over dinner in the Katipunan area. There was a TV suddenly broadcasting the terrible news as it happened. We were in Manila, but we felt the terror half a world away. When I got home later after midnight, I got glued to the TV again, watching the horror of the aftermath further unfold.

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Their struggles are real.

by on Sep.08, 2017, under Queer, Society

The trans community is one of the most vulnerable segments of the LGBT community. It is, unfortunately, still a world where binary gender concepts are still the boxed in norms recognized by “modern” society at large – where gender identity and sexual orientation are still being confused with each other.

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Real Life Trolling

by on Sep.07, 2017, under Snark, Society

Just goes to show how much social media has helped free inhibitions from actual etiquette.

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