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How To Raise A Snowflake

by on Mar.01, 2018, under Snark, Society

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So it’s been two months to the day since I last blogged. After a year and a half of religiously writing here every single day without fail, I decided to take a break. Part of it was due to my mentor Jessica’s advice: no need to post everyday, a couple of times a week is okay. So I took a bit of a rest.

Today, I come out of my self-imposed exile because I just had to share my thoughts – posted on Facebook as well – about this “letter” that I saw on my newsfeed.

Roughly translated, it goes:

Dear Teachers,

Stop giving projects and assignments to kids if you know we’re the ones who will do it for them because they can’t do it by themselves. We graduated from school long ago.

Parents Everywhere

And thus I go on beastmode to say:

Sorry, but this type of parental mindset is the reason why we now have snowflakes. These are the same kind of parents who would harass a teacher for failing their lazy child and who want participation trophies for their brats.

Homework and projects, given out reasonably of course, have value. If you think learning should only happen within the four walls of the classroom during school hours, then you have failed as a parent.

And if you feel the need to be the one to do your child’s homework/project for them because “my poor baby,” then please don’t procreate further as you are raising spoiled asses who will not be able to function productively as adults in a professional environment.

Stop blaming teachers for your shortcomings as a parent.

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