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Missing The Point

by on Feb.16, 2019, under Snark, Society

Nowadays, approximately 95% of the time, I avoid the comments section (and consequently, the engagement info) of politically-charged articles because I value my health. The amount of toxic idiocy on Facebook public “areas,” in particular, is astounding. More so when it comes to political articles I write, I try not to look at the comments lest I engage and then get the urge to bludgeon the nearest available moron.

A recent article I wrote for Esquire apparently got about 16.5K shares as of this writing (one of my folks at work sent me a message about it). Not bad. It did kind of pull me in a bit to check what sort of engagement it was getting. Surprisingly, most were positive and agreed with my piece, although as expected there were a few morons here and there.

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How To Raise A Snowflake

by on Mar.01, 2018, under Snark, Society

So it’s been two months to the day since I last blogged. After a year and a half of religiously writing here every single day without fail, I decided to take a break. Part of it was due to my mentor Jessica’s advice: no need to post everyday, a couple of times a week is okay. So I took a bit of a rest.

Today, I come out of my self-imposed exile because I just had to share my thoughts – posted on Facebook as well – about this “letter” that I saw on my newsfeed.

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Asians So Good

by on Dec.29, 2017, under Snark, Society

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Luke at him belt out.

by on Dec.28, 2017, under Film & TV, Geeky, Music & Theater, Snark

One of the most hilarious things I’ve seen recently is this clip. Seriously, I just guffawed out loud. Happy Thursday!

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by on Dec.20, 2017, under Film & TV, Snark

Okay, this show has gotten me hooked and addicted. I’m scouring YouTube clips. It’s time oh-so-gloriously wasted in fruitful hilarity.

Now much as I love the Backstreet Boys, I love Charlie Puth even more, and he totally delivered the sickest burns there.

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Yes, we can learn a thing or two…

by on Dec.19, 2017, under Snark, Society

… about giving no f*cks from this guy.

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Japan, Japan

by on Dec.18, 2017, under Film & TV, Queer, Snark

Leave it to the Japanese to have a viral high school dance group that captures the 80s so well. If the 80s were on steroids.

You just have to love Tomioka Dance Club, which apparently gain initial fame by placing second in a dance contest.

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Storming The Dance Floor

by on Dec.17, 2017, under Film & TV, Geeky, Snark

In honor of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, here’s a little mini-throwback to some talented Stormtroopers. At least, even if they can’t hit their enemies, Stormtroopers can dance.

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Bryce really feels for Home Depot.

by on Dec.15, 2017, under Film & TV, Snark

Now that’s talent. I’ve always liked Bryce, but this one solidifies it for me.

She’s quite hilarious, too.

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The Spaghetti Tree was a warning.

by on Dec.12, 2017, under Snark, Society

Back in 1957, BBC pulled an April Fools Day prank of epic proportions. It’s all about where spaghetti comes from, and…

… well, you just have to see it for yourselves.

You would think any sane person would realize this was a joke.

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