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Yes, Zac, I do want to find out.

by on Jan.01, 2018, under Film & TV, My Life, Society

This is my wish for everyone this coming new year: beautiful kisses from the one you love (or at least infatuated with). Consensual kisses, of course, because we do not want to be complicit in any of your crazy shenanigans beyond.

Barring kisses from your personal love, then I wish you kisses from Zac Efron. But you need to fall in line.

Happy New Year!

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Crossing Broadway

by on Dec.21, 2017, under Film & TV, Music & Theater, Queer

They could probably stage an entire production of The Lion King if they did this on EDSA or C5. I’d watch that, TBH.

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Zac’s Back.

by on Feb.13, 2017, under Film & TV, Queer

In more ways than one.

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Ladies’ Choice

by on Oct.18, 2016, under Film & TV, Queer

I’ve watched him practically grow up, from High School Musical to Hairspray to… well, to the bundle of freaking hotness that he is today.

Can you believe that he’s now only just one year short of thirty? It seems like yesterday that he was a young Wildcat singing his way through high school. Now, he’s no longer the cute, wholesome, almost-jailbait object of everyone’s (fantasy) affections but an actual ripped, abs-tastic, hunky demi-god that everyone lusts after admires.

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They could be brothers.

by on Sep.20, 2016, under Film & TV

Yesterday, I wrote about Kevin Zegers (1984), of whom I’m a huge fan.

What I didn’t mention is how I’ve always thought how much similar he looked to two other actors that I adore: the older Ian Somerhalder (1978) and the younger Zac Efron (1987). (If you don’t know any of them, especially Zac, please abandon the rock you’ve made your home and join us in civilization.) They all look distinct enough but have sufficient similar features and angles that they could be brothers.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks this because I’ve encountered at least one site that basically agreed with me.

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