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Yesterday was Metro Manila’s Pride March 2017.

The LGBT community converged in Marikina’s Plaza De Los Alcaldes, where the fabulous organizers of this year’s event had prepared a great pre-march program – which included an appearance by one of our strongest allies, Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Then, underneath the afternoon post-summer heat, we marched and held aloft our pride for who we are and held aloft our resolve to fight for what we believe in: fundamental equal rights for all.

Let the beauty of solidarity, togetherness, and sense of community that we captured through our cameras speak for itself.

This is Us.

This is Pride.

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Happy Pride March, Manila!

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Photo Credits: Metro Manila Pride

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Pride is global.

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Last week, news came out that Philadelphia was lobbying to add brown and black stripes to the iconic Rainbow Flag of the LGBT community. The reason is that they want to represent the inclusivity of (American) racial minorities that have a history of being discriminated against even within the LGBT community.

Needless to say, this sparked heated debates over the internet. I also had my own thoughts which I shared on social media, and with Metro Manila Pride March scheduled tomorrow, I thought it was appropriate to also share my thoughts here on my blog.

To sum it up: I believe it is completely unnecessary and, if I may say so, foolish. Adding black and brown to the flag won’t solve any problems of racial misrepresentation or underrepresentation. It also ignores the fact that the flag already is supposed to represent inclusivity and that the stripes represent specific concepts, none of which are race-related.

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One Week To March

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This year’s logo.

One week to go before Metro Manila’s Pride March!

Last year, we cried Let Love In! This year, we rally further as we ensure we are #HereTogether, a very apt theme to remind us that – despite having diverse backgrounds even within the LGBT community – we are all in this together. United, we shall overcome! Our differences will not divide us.

2017 Metro Manila Pride will be historic as it will be held in Marikina for the first time. The lovely city of Marikina is one of the most gay-friendly places in the country. I should know; I’m frequently there because some of my besties are Mariqueños. It’s about time that the local LGBT community branch out and move away from its comfort zones to see the other places where we can wave our flag proudly and explore new ground.

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