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Fox is becoming more daring with its X-Men properties. Starting with Deadpool and followed by Logan, it has started pushing expectations of super-hero movies out of the box. With the upcoming New Mutants, which seems to flirt with the horror genre based on the trailer, it seems Fox is clearly not changing its course in being more innovative with the X-Men characters.

Clearly, not counting the more mainstream X-Men line which does remain to be more traditional, Fox is finding ways to hold on to the rights to these characters by giving the audience something unexpected – but in a good way.

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Legendary Len

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Photo credit: Twitter @DCComics

Len Wein was a comic book legend.

I mean, he only co-created Swamp Thing and this little-known character called Wolverine.

He was an accomplished comic creator, both as writer and editor, and won multiple awards. He was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2008.

Over at Marvel, Len was instrumental in reviving the X-Men in the early 70s with artist Dave Cockrum, co-creating Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. Without their work, the later Claremont run would have been nothing. The X-Men, as we know it now, would have never come to pass without Len. He also wrote for Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, Fantastic Four, and Marvel Team-Up.

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Logan Runs

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It was bound to happen.

Hugh Jackman, despite what we want to believe, is not getting any younger, and he’s been playing Wolverine for nearly two decades since he debuted the role in the first X-Men movie back in 2000. The time would come that he needed to retire the role, and the time is now.

And what a time it is!

Rather than just let Hugh “silently go into the night” or replace him unceremoniously in a reboot, they let him go out with a bang by concluding his story properly: through a film inspired by the comic book Old Man Logan, a fitting conclusion given how both film and book basically celebrate the twilight years of Wolverine.

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The Jack of Comics

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Aug. 28, 1917 – Feb. 6, 1994

He was one of comics’ most influential personalities. After all, it wasn’t everyday you get to co-create a characters like Captain America, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, and several other Marvel properties.

However, as more of a DC fan, I will always remember Jack Kirby for his creation of Challengers of the Unknown (undeniably a precursor to the Fantastic Four) as well as the Fourth World characters a.k.a. The New Gods.

Truth to tell, these may not have been as commercially successful as one would have hoped. Still, despite several failed series, the Fourth World characters remain an overarching presence within the DC Multiverse. This cannot be more felt than in the popular and malevolent Darkseid (i.e. He Who Was Ripped Off By Thanos), who has arguably become DC’s primary archvillain – in the comics, in animated features, and soon, in the DC movie extended universe.

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Bubs and Bracelets

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Wonder Woman Vs. Wolverine: who wins?

Absolutely legit.

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So I got some weapons. Time to get yours.

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From: Jessica Rules The Universe

From: Jessica Rules The Universe

I went to my mentor’s bookshelf sale last Saturday and left with more stuff than I planned.

My primary purpose was to acquire the cool-looking ornate crucifix she had posted because, well, Buffy. I have no idea where it’s from, but there’s just something Old World about it, something so very classic Europe, maybe even Eastern Orthodox, that I can’t help but want it. I love that culture. Of course, it could’ve been from Paete for all I knew, I am ignorant of these things, but it didn’t matter. It’s gorgeous, and I had to have it.

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