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by on Nov.04, 2017, under Film & TV, Geeky

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Fox is becoming more daring with its X-Men properties. Starting with Deadpool and followed by Logan, it has started pushing expectations of super-hero movies out of the box. With the upcoming New Mutants, which seems to flirt with the horror genre based on the trailer, it seems Fox is clearly not changing its course in being more innovative with the X-Men characters.

Clearly, not counting the more mainstream X-Men line which does remain to be more traditional, Fox is finding ways to hold on to the rights to these characters by giving the audience something unexpected – but in a good way.

This can only be good as Fox differentiating its line from what Marvel Studios and Disney are doing with their MCU properties. The latter have become too formulaic, with little innovation and with predictable outcomes (and, Loki aside, one-dimensional villains).

As Fox experiments and gives the audience a different taste of the genre, I think ultimately they’ll win the battle with Marvel in terms of which studio is really better for these characters.

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