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The Jack of Comics

by on Feb.06, 2017, under Geeky

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Aug. 28, 1917 – Feb. 6, 1994

He was one of comics’ most influential personalities. After all, it wasn’t everyday you get to co-create a characters like Captain America, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, and several other Marvel properties.

However, as more of a DC fan, I will always remember Jack Kirby for his creation of Challengers of the Unknown (undeniably a precursor to the Fantastic Four) as well as the Fourth World characters a.k.a. The New Gods.

Truth to tell, these may not have been as commercially successful as one would have hoped. Still, despite several failed series, the Fourth World characters remain an overarching presence within the DC Multiverse. This cannot be more felt than in the popular and malevolent Darkseid (i.e. He Who Was Ripped Off By Thanos), who has arguably become DC’s primary archvillain – in the comics, in animated features, and soon, in the DC movie extended universe.

As a man whose work spanned and expanded both DC and Marvel (not to mention other companies), Jack was probably the single most influential man in comic book history. Sorry, Stan Lee, but it’s the truth. While there have been creators who’ve gone from DC to Marvel and vice-versa, only Kirby could have said that he actually helped build both companies.

And Jack, like other greats, was also screwed over by corporate comic politics.

Still, this wasn’t enough to put a great man down, and Jack Kirby – Kirby Dots and all – went down in history as one of comics’ finest legends.

Today, we remember the passing of Jack Kirby 23 years ago. He also would’ve been 100 years old later this year. However, despite having lost this legend two decades on, his legacy has lived on and will continue to do so.


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