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Wonder Week: Glimpses!

by on May.26, 2017, under Film & TV, Geeky, Queer

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Wonder Countdown: six days to go in the Philippines!

Several days ago, they released more clips from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. They are all awesome and make me even more impatient to see the film. The great thing about the clips is that they give us nice bits here and there, but they’re not spoiler-y. Mostly, they’re extended scenes of those we’ve already seen in prior teaserspreviews, spots, or trailers (one is even just a further extended version of the alley clip).

Aunt Antiope surprises Diana but then gets her own surprise.

While I can guarantee that none of these clips are really spoilers (except perhaps for a name drop in one of them, but that name isn’t really a big secret of the film), feel free to skip if you don’t want to see more than you may have. However, if you still want more, then by all means, enjoy away and play on repeat as often as you want. I know I have!


Steve Trevor feels the fires of Hestia’s lariat.


Etta Candy is bound to be one of the true scene-stealers of this movie.


Another look at those bullets and bracelets.


Batman’s warehouse fight in BvS pales in comparison to this one.


I still am hoping that Ludendorff, who is based on a real life person, is actually the Duke of Deception. That would be a great twist for the third villain.


Steve learns that the truth can be truly terrible.


All clips are property of Warner Bros.

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