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Mommy Madness

by on Sep.30, 2017, under Film & TV

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I never saw Bad Moms, but apparently it’s getting a sequel, the trailer of which I came across recently because, well, Justin Hartley.

And if Justin Hartley, on his back with his legs up high while talking about his… orifices, weren’t enough to convince me that A Bad Moms Christmas is worth a look (or three), then Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski, and Wanda Sykes being in the mix seals the deal.

Nightmare moms (or mothers-in-law) are always comedy gold. I’m just glad my mother is not one of those crazy mothers (well, usually). The crazy mother trope, when done well, is absolutely hilarious.

Of course, as long as they’re not bordering on Joan Crawford, we should be good.

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