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Delaying Tactics

by on Aug.20, 2017, under My Life, Queer, Society

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Despite having been scheduled for interpellation numerous times, the Anti-Discrimination Bill still remains pending in the legislative.

And why is this so?

Certain members of the Senate have deliberately caused the delays.

One particular senator, in fact, has even had the gall to proclaim that he is an ally of the LGBT community. He used us for PR by posting on his Facebook, during Pride Month, that he supported us. And yet, to this very day, every time the bill is scheduled for interpellation, he leaves and/or disappears. The most recent one, I’m told, is that he disappeared but was discovered to have just been in the lounge. Such a blatant display of abuse of power is disgusting.

It’s time for us to speak out and give more pressure to these politicians who in general have been useless. We need to make them accountable because every day that the bill is delayed is another day wherein discrimination and hatred are inflicted upon the community.

Tonight, Sunday the 20th, from 8pm onwards, join us in social media in making our voices heard through EQUALITWEET with the hashtag #passADB.

It’s time to let these politicians remember that we, the people, are their bosses. We will make sure that the boses of the bosses will resonate.

We must continue to fight for our rights.

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