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by on Jun.02, 2017, under Literature, My Life

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365 days of consistent blogging.

I actually did it!

I’d been blogging since my Friendster days (thereby aging myself), and I set up my personal domain years ago. However, for some time during those years, I blogged inconsistently.

Finally last year, I gave myself a goal: blog daily, consistently, for at least a year. After all, a writer… writes, as several mentors have told me. I needed to constantly write to keep my skills honed – especially since I’m still procrastinating on the sequel to the novel I wrote (which will soon be done).

So I set that goal. I prepared, of course, for instances when I knew that writing could be hindered or limited (example, when traveling and one’s unsure of the internet connectivity). Sometimes, I would write several articles ahead of time and then simply schedule the publication accordingly.

All in all, it has been a helpful process.

So today is the 365th day of consistent blogging (and I do have more than 365 articles as there are a few days wherein I posted more than one article, just because I love it), and tomorrow is the anniversary of this endeavor.

Yes, it can be done.

Just do it, Allan.

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