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Queens of My Heart, Part 1

by on Feb.02, 2017, under Film & TV, My Life, Queer

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Still on a bit of a Miss Universe high, and recently I got to thinking who my favorite winners have been. It wasn’t an easy list to make, given that there have been over six decades of queens, but I managed to trim the list to ten.

So here they are: my Top Ten Favorite Miss Universe winners in chronological order, starting with…

1952’s Armi Kuusela (Finland)

… the first Miss Universe ever, Finland’s Armi Kuusela. Aside from the distinction of being the first, she also holds a place in my heart for having married a relative (the late Virgilio Hilario). She was the original queen, indeed, and to this day she still rocks at her age.

1973’s Margarita Moran (Philippines)

She is the second Miss Universe from the Philippines: the classy and regal Margie Moran! Undoubtedly beautiful and statuesque, she also gave a straightforward answer to a simple question and won the heart of the world. That expression on her face prior to being announced as the winner is priceless.

1988’s Porntip Nakhirunkanok

Third is the lovely Porntip Nakhirunkanok, also known now as Bui Simon. In a year dominated by Asian finalists (seriously, four of five Asian finalists, with only Mexico as the Latino in sight), Porntip outshone them all to become the second winner to hail from the kingdom of Thailand!

1991’s Lupita Jones (Mexico)

The fourth spot goes the queenly Lupita Jones who hails from Mexico. She had such a royal quality to her which made the judges really take notice. To this day, Lupita remains quite the presence. Have you seen her on Instagram?

1993’s Dayanara Torres (Puerto Rico)

How could I not include Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico? Truth be told, she wasn’t my choice when she won the crown; I thought it would be Venezuela, and when she was announced as second runner-up, I thought for sure it would be Colombia. That said, when Dayanara came to Manila the following year to crown her successor then lived her for five years afterwards, she won my heart! I’m glad she’s back in town this year.

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