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Bitterness Sa Tamang Panahon

by on Oct.26, 2015, under Film & TV, Snark

It’s funny how some people are now trying to defend “It’s Showtime” because it’s probably finally realized it’s been beaten. Or rather, finally admitted it… because the show and the network have been in a state of denial.

“Why are people bashing Showtime?” the pretending-to-be-oblivious rabid Showtime fans ask. (I say “rabid” as there surely are some fans who are level-headed, and I myself do not deny watching some of its old features, like Pogay.)

“Why can’t they leave Showtime alone?” these mouth-frothers whine. “Vice says they were never trying to beat Eat Bulaga.” As though they had not been on social media for the last few months and had not seen exactly what had happened.

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