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Bitterness Sa Tamang Panahon

by on Oct.26, 2015, under Film & TV, Snark

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It’s funny how some people are now trying to defend “It’s Showtime” because it’s probably finally realized it’s been beaten. Or rather, finally admitted it… because the show and the network have been in a state of denial.

“Why are people bashing Showtime?” the pretending-to-be-oblivious rabid Showtime fans ask. (I say “rabid” as there surely are some fans who are level-headed, and I myself do not deny watching some of its old features, like Pogay.)

“Why can’t they leave Showtime alone?” these mouth-frothers whine. “Vice says they were never trying to beat Eat Bulaga.” As though they had not been on social media for the last few months and had not seen exactly what had happened.

The reality is, Eat Bulaga was quietly basking in the unexpected success of its phenomenal, wildly-popular Kalyeserye series, topbilling Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and a trio of comedians that used to be second stringers but are now a force to reckon with. Week on week, the show trended on social media, most notably on Twitter and Facebook, and week on week, the tweets increased. One million. Two million. Six million. Twelve million. Twenty-four million. Thirty-nine million.

Some good vibes to counteract the bad vibes emanating from Vice Ganda.

And all this time, its rival show was not happy. However, in the game of TV ratings, that’s expected. In fact, for the longest time, GMA lagged behind its competition on most of its shows, and it was nothing new.

Something was different, though. The rival show’s unhappiness manifested itself in utter bitterness as it attempted to thwart the unstoppable rise of “AlDub,” and this monstrous manifestation was most apparent in Vice Ganda.

First came the bragging that the Twitter trends of Eat Bulaga could be beaten by Showtime. “Twitter parties” were heavily promoted by several visible figures of ABS-CBN despite their claims that they were not trying to compete. They failed miserably as AlDub numbers dwarfed their valiant efforts.

Next came the blatant attempt at copying by trying to find an unknown social media sensation to build her up. This in itself is not a wrong move; it’s typical of showbiz. However, this resulted in a PR nightmare as the chosen subject was not exactly endearing, and the approach the show took was heavily-criticised for basically pimping out the girl. Where AlDub kept receiving praises for its positive messages and awards for being role models, Showtime was receiving notices from the MTRCB and being questioned for its content.

At around this time, always the classy mouthpiece of the network, Vice Ganda also decided it was in good taste to tweet, “How much is that doggie in the window?” Yes, right around the time AlDub haters started calling the AlDub fans as “AlDogs.” Of course, he will deny this, but everyone knows exactly the kind of person Vice Ganda is.

Then came the attempt at boosting Showtime’s audience by suddenly “kicking off” its anniversary celebrations… you know, an entire month ahead of time. Three popular celebrity love teams who were not really associated with Showtime were made guests. There was nothing wrong with that (again: showbiz), but they tried to use the fandoms of these three pairs to boost its Twitter trends while pretending trends did not matter.

Unfortunately for them, the three fandoms were infamous for not getting along, with one particular group actively hating the other groups and their idols, apparently ready to boil oil and everything. This lack of unity was no more apparent when the said contingent went rogue and tried to make their own trends that would prop their idols up instead of being there together for Showtime. Way to go, Showtime! That was some awesome foresight.

Still, with the obvious outside help, they hit the six million tweets they desperately wanted that its rival achieved weeks prior… on the same day their rival broke records and hit twenty-four million tweets.

And again, the bitterness surfaced.

What is Bitter Ocampo?

“Our tweets are real and organic,” Vice Ganda announced with impunity, never mind all the screenshot evidence going around of several bots being responsible for propagating their hashtag. Or perhaps he was trying to convince himself.

Then, there were the ABS-CBN “alipores” also posting all sorts of insinuations on their social media accounts that Eat Bulaga was faking its trends. There were the declarations that Twitter trends did not matter after all, despite shamelessly trying to trend on Twitter.

And all of that was shut down when a VP of Twitter itself confirmed that the AlDub trends were 100% legitimate. Do you need a tall glass of pure vodka to wash down that foot, Vice?

And if tweets really did not matter (McDonald’s would disagree), then certainly ratings did, and ratings across various agencies showed a significant difference in ratings between the two shows. Heck, Ben10 was beating Showtime if I’m not mistaken.

So is it any wonder why people started bashing Showtime when they used to be silent?

The reason is that Showtime sent its attack dogs first, led by an arrogant Vice Ganda insulting and trying to pull down the competition. Likely threatened that his own fast-declining popularity would result in fewer basketball players to support, Vice himself instigated the social media war by subtly attacking EB, Alden/Maine, and their fans by insinuating that their popularity was fake and manufactured. All his snide and cruel remarks are documented, remarks he thought were proper in the name of ratings and money.

Unfortunately for him, he woke up a sleeping dragon he thought he could push around, and that sleeping dragon beat him to a pulp. A dragon backed no less by multiple sponsors, an overflowing 55K-capacity Philippine Arena, and a VP of Twitter itself.

And typical Vice, caught in his own little web, now acts like a victim, like his show never tried to take on Eat Bulaga let alone try to create a smear campaign against it. His prior words and actions show this is a load of BS. Everyone knows his career, built around insulting people, has always been punctuated with his frequent shows of false humility once he gets called out (Jessica Soho says hi). Sadly, he took down his entire show with him – including his co-hosts who, to be fair, have largely been quiet about the whole thing.

Some people truly can dish it out but cannot take it.

Eat and enjoy that humble pie.

Even more good vibes to end this piece. Enjoy!


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  • Marie Fe Cachola

    as they say, you cannot fight fire with fire.

    when showtime was basking in glory (at one time it did), EB just continue to do its thing. At first, I only watched the KalyeSerye through you tuber, as admittedly i am more akin of watching ABS shows.

    as days passed, slowly i was getting hooked to the AlDub phenomenon. then my FB page began to flood with Aldub fan page. I became active in Twitter.

    it could have been better if showtime people specifically Vice Ganda and the ABS bosses kept mum or at the very least made things subtle. but all efforts was like salvaging the Titanic. fully submerged in vast ocean.

    it may take sometime even years perhaps before the hiatus of Aldub will wane. with the geniuses of EB rpoduction. but the more they bash EB and the AlDub nation its like putting more and more fire to the AlDub flame. making it eternal. so there goes FOREVER.

    just my two cents.
    good day everyone

  • clint

    Of course ben 10 would beat showtime.. Ben 10 is a great show.

  • G Aenanias

    Thanks and I will be sharing. Well written! All the best.

  • Donna

    There was one time he said something about naiwanan na sila ng milya milya so Pastillas Girl segment was created to lessen the gap. From then I thought he had admitted that their show is just a mere copycat. Then comes this speech about not trying to compete… the nerve! Anyway, i was really enlightened by this article. I am a huge fan of Aldub but was not following the competition. I hope this article gets to be shared 39M times so Vice and all the big bosses on what kind of losers they are… the lowest kind.

    • Bry

      Done. Show iz is a world of make believe. But sometimes we need some reality check. Truth will always show. James Reid for o e, he’s a deuce (sorry for the term) but at least he’s real. He said he wouldn’t be confined to what people want him to be. EB and AlDu. Are all true. Quiet and suttle sila with a touch of class and humility kapag may controversy. Which the other station should learn? I totally agree when the writer said He wome up the sleeping dragon. Just because they’re quiet they (including me) can push us around. There’s a bigger world outside your Mother Ignacia building.

  • Belle Bacs

    such a brilliant piece! intelligently analyzed, neat and just so tompak!

  • zablem

    I think things happen for the mere fact that no one can fool the audience more than once.

    just like PBB, the last few episodes are all scripted. housemates are not randomly selected but they are talents of ABS already and being introduced as randomly selected, all show followers know that. and when 2 of the housemates fall for each other, ABS puts a stop to it because they have other plans for the housemates. The natural development gets cut and their plans needs to be developed. unlike ALDUB, they were allowed things to happen naturally, audience were not fooled, audience went for the ride loving them as things get developed.

  • Liza Vicencio

    I could not have said it better myself. Thank you for calling a spade a spade. Just proves that people who have watched ALdub are intellectuals.

  • kenneth eugenio

    Kaya pala lately very aggresive sa dn ang Aldub fans e dahil umariba nanaman ang kataklesahan ng host ng showtime na sa result ng AGB Neilsen ấy naka 3% Share lmang sa rating game.. mas pinanood pa ng iba ang channel 5 na nka 12% Share. Bka dapat na title ấy Its closetime. Madaming magandang pwedeng ipantapat ất MALINIS na pwedeng ipagmalaki ng network nila, bakit kailangang sumawsaw ất magtolerate ang network sa sumo ng tslent nila para kumita lamang. Nagtatanong lng pô.

  • Richard

    Very well said. Pretty much this chronicles all that has happend–accurate accounts and analysis. Thank you.

  • Jeff Rolan

    Very well said. I completely agree. People should know the truth. And this is the best way to start it.

  • Maria Jabasa

    Very well said, enjoyed reading this

  • Terrence

    Malapit ng namatay ng dahil sa tagtuyot ang damo in a SHOWrt period of TIME, so aanhin pa ang kabayo?!

  • marina

    very well said. ang apoy di magliliyab kung di binuhusan ng gas or nilagyan ng gatong. natural na sa fans ang ipagtanggol ang idols nila, at ang taong tahimik masama kung magalit lalo na pag inumpisahan mo. walang gulo kung walang nanggugulo. maging masaya nlng sana sa natatamasa ng kapwa di ung hahanapan nh butas ultimo sa damit na suot nito.

    sabi nga po “never underestimate the power of ALDUB NATION”

    un lamang po. SPREAD LOVE NOT WAR!

  • Lucy

    I’m watching both of the channels for the longest time. I just noticed that never did EB/GMA fans spoke ill of the other network. I was even suprised when ABS fans threatned to bomb the Philippine Arena just to support their favorite channel. So please stop claiming that ABS fans are “CLASSY AND EDUCATED” because they’re not!

  • Franklymydear

    I was never a follower of loveteams of noontime shows. I found VG funny but that Jessica Sojo joke turned me off. I don’t know what got me with ALDUB. I was just curious then watched the July 16 episode. Gotcha. I open a twitter account to be part of the conversation and mind you, there’s more to ALDUB than just fans screaming for Alden and Maine. As Adobo Magazine says: It’s about love and believing in love… How far did I go with this ALDUB following? October 24 I’m in the arena experiencing a 3 hour moment of something I can’t explain. I don’t know what I love about Aldub. I’m even smiling now shaking my head, telling myself (why am I writing here) All I know is that there is something so simple yet so beautifully unscripted that makes me love watching what will happen next.. It’s so thrilling l that it’s inspiring people to write songs, create art, write essays. Heck it even makes me listen to cheesy OPM music and discover wow, we’ve been creating nice music pala. Shame on me!!! ALDUB is even discussed in schools and has even captured the A crowd (only a few admit hehe). The last time I looked at showtime they were giving away several Michael Jordan shoes to a host as a birthday gift — a gift displayed on national television. One of ABS-CBN’s strengths can be its weakness. Your stars are your endorsers. Some want them up there brilliant and unreachable. Some want them close to the heart, real and inspiring.You wanted it that way anyhow — The gloss, the stars, the magic, the fashion, the nice houses, the travels to Europe, the branded shoes and bags, the confidence, that feeling of being entitled — as VG would say: “tarrray” (whilst shaking his shoes seated). In fairness, ABS has a great marketing and creative team supporting its stars. It’s repeated formulas (based on their research) don’t look “repeated” — unless you have a discerning eye. So how in the world could anyone outside of ABS take that shine them? Well, it did happen. And it happened out there in the lowliest streets of our country. Kalyeserye was perhaps the greatest gift Eat Bulaga ever received. I can even say its a gift from God. I know I may be presuming much, but where does such unifying goodness come from? 50,000 screaming in the arena…41 Million Tweets (am I right) If you doubt its source I guess “hindi ka naniniwala sa forever”. Alden was right: God gave me you. This success is also a challenge to EB and to GMA to up their level of support — and to listen well not to the call of ratings but the call of the heart. Great gifts like these come with great responsibility too (me thinks).

    And let me just add: LET IT BE KNOWN TOO THAT ALDUB FANS DO NOT CONDONE THE BASHING. Maine herself called the attention of one such fan when he was tweeting unpleasant stuff about ABS celebrities. I admire celebrity who has power over her fans. ALDUB Nation does not approve of bashers especially if they come from the ALDUB side. Those tweets are not encouraged and if they go overboard, are blocked and reported. There is two great lesson I’ve learned from all this: NO ONE CAN GO AGAINST THE POWER OF PURE, ORGANIC LOVE and that GREATNESS COMES WITH GREAT HUMILITY.

    • Rochie

      Such a beautifully worded piece. if only all commenters write like you, there will be peace on earth where tv networks dwell.

      Like you, I was also at the arena, in the company of 4 other friends who are senior citizens like me. From the time we rode our car, we’ve been talking incessantly of what to expect- mostly happy expectations from all the people at EB but more importantly, of Alden and Maine. In all the 5 hours of the show, my friends and I were joyously celebrating the fact that all the veteran hosts of the show, TVJ included, generously gave the spotlight to Alden and Maine. I really doubt any other group of hosts can do that. No, they won’t. The likes of that despicable, bitter and untruthful host of the competition won’t ever do that. He is full of himself but is still insatiable.

      • allancarreon

        Thanks, Rochie.

        I totally agree with you that this is what makes the EB hosts different. They help and support each other, allowing the spotlight to fall on whom the audience wants.

        The “other guy” from the competition has a notorious history of self-promotion and excessive vanity, the world revolving around him.

        As an aside, I unfortunately was not at the Arena myself. 🙁 Tickets were sold out before I could get them. I just had to content myself with being #teambahay hehehe

        • Rochie

          Haha, you missed a lot, Allan (ok lng ba if I call you Allan. I guess I am a lot older than you). Our rich barkada bought five tickets online 10 mins after the announcement. Early, you might think, but we didn’t get the lower seats. We were on Row 11 Level 1. That just mean we were already late in purchasing tickets. Here’s to more conversations wd you. I favorited your website.

  • Joshua

    I grew up watching EB sa 26 years ng buhay ko dito sa mundo EB has never fail to amaze me and my family kc sobrang galing nila mag-isip ng bagong concepts at isa silang malaking family in short sama-sama sila sa pag-akyat para abutin ang tagumpay walang naiiwan kung may maiiwan man eh sasamahan nila yun hanggang sa makasabay sila. Kaya ko nasabi toh dahil na try ko na makanood ng live s broadway sobrang bait ng mga tao dun para silang hindi mga artista. MABUHAY ANG EATBULAGA. By the way very well said and i enjoyed reading this

    • Nelson

      I love aldub
      I watch showtime live together with the rest of employees and staff
      In our school
      But they are not so accomodating
      They dont respect us that much
      We came from the province and the rest of the group are
      Teachers and administrators
      That day I lost my appetite with the show
      Except for anne who is so mabait at magalang

  • Kenneth Abelardo

    Please don’t forget, at the height of more than 50,000 people enjoying the #AlDubEBTamangPanahon show at the Philippine Arena, no less than Anne Curtis, and some studio audience were heard chanting “STAMPEDE” instead of “sampol” (sample) during It’s Showtime.

    So how evil can that be?

    • allancarreon

      Really? If that were so, then it’s truly vile. However, I didn’t get to see it since I never bothered to turn the channel to Showtime then.

    • Pedro

      Which part of the show? I want to see it in the replay myself.. this is truly despicable if it’s true.

      • Kenneth Abelardo

        I’m not sure if this was picked-up on TV, but somebody I know who watched the show in the studio heard this herself. She was shocked to hear the ill wishers chant this, which included the lady co-host. She was so disappointed and just kept quiet the rest of the show.

      • Bryna

        That’s ok. Its already down in history as the largest crowd gathering and all were safe. All were bound by LOVE FOR LOVE. UNITED AND DISCIPLINED.

  • Ariel

    Naway maghari ang katiwasayan at kapayapaan sa Atin, ngunit ang Mundoy balot ng hiwaga

  • Pamela Leonzon

    This is simply a masterpiece! Of course everybody’s just doing their jobs, but there are things said and done which are not part of it. Just loved reading it. Thank you.

  • Dennis Basilan

    Very clear! PERFECT… Thank you!

  • Joy

    This is better than what you would read from the major newspapers as it has “TRUTH” written all over it. It’s about time somebody calls out VG and ABSCBN for what they really are–a bitter, vengeful, monopolistic empire of a network hell-bent on defeating their rivals by spewing hateful lies after lies! Kudos to you Allan Carreon!

  • Arjay

    Give this man a cookie. Yes, VG used to have joke with the ratings of its rival network. And he used to say things against it. But then now, sabi nga, ‘Paawa Epek’. I just hoped na sincere siya.

  • Elephant in the room

    Interesting article. But it only shows a side of the coin. I’d love to know more about your thoughts with Joey’s responses. I see more of him as someone who has been provoking Vice as well, which pretty much led to him digging his own grave.

    • allancarreon

      For several reasons which I’m not going to elaborate on here for now, I’m not really a big fan of TVJ. At least, not any more. I was when I was a kid in the 80s.

      Anyway, my take is that Joey’s sometimes-immature behavior in this whole thing is simply a reaction to Vice’s behavior. Joey only started trash-talking the competition after Vice did; I don’t recall any such behaviors from Joey prior to the attack dogs coming in.

      So while he further provoked Vice, I believe it was reactionary. It just so happened that Joey also gets a lot of publicity because of his fame as well as his personality and manner of reacting.

      In general, I don’t really subscribe to this whole network war thing. I find it silly sometimes. I watch what I want to watch, whatever station it may be in. I watch OTWOL and was a follower of MHL. Heck, I followed Pogay on Showtime way back and even wrote about it here.

      Still, that being said, I do think that Vice and ABS made a huge PR blunder on this one, with some rather below-the-belt tactics. It backfired spectacularly.

  • agnes

    …I enjoyed reading!ang pagsisisisi any laging nasa huli Vice!

  • Walter

    Parang nangawawa yung its showtime.

  • Mari Jeoff


  • Angelyn Genisan

    Boss kaw na ang galing mo talaga. Brilliant to hehhehe. 😛

  • ely g

    Im turning 46 in november. Ofw.working very hard for my family back home. I grew up watching EB,all those years they move from 1 chanel to another.All I can say is EB, pang Masa. With or without Aldub I still be a fan of TVJ.Lalo pa ngayon na anjan ang ALDUB.

  • Jenna

    i couldn’t agree more..ang ganda ng article mo..

  • Eva

    On point!!!! EB even before ALDUB never bash Showtime despite Vice Ganda jabbing at them. I was never a fan of Showtime I am soo turned off when Vice throw nasty jokes to the contestant and Jessica Soho. Even that no make up ads I find him insincere and simply narcisistic. I was not happy when my nieces try to imitate Vice nasty sopla jokes, I gave them an earful watching Vice jokes.

    Good thing my niece listened. Now they prefer watching Aldub copying yaya dub fashion and respect for the elders. Thank God.

    ABS start clean and brain storming.

    @allan, love the article. I post it on my facebook.

  • David

    Never liked that Vice. Bastos at plastik. Si Joey, may buntot pero di katulad ng kabastusan ni Vice at lalong hindi nampapalastik si Joey. Wala lang. Wala talagang class yang baklang yan.

  • Pol

    I like this article, hindi dahil fan ako ng Aldub kundi dahil totoo lahat ng nakalagay dito. Well si Joey sanay na ang tao sakanya na mahilig syang mang asar sa kabila, pero never syang nang insulto ng husto ng isang tao. I admit I am one of those people na gusto si Vice pero dati yun, simula kase ng yumabang sya nawalan na ako ng gana sakanya, tas dumating pa yung ALDUB so nahook ako dun. Ever since EB na talaga kame kaso nung bago bago pa Showtime pinapanuod ko yun, ako lang samen ang naglilipat ng channel pero EB talaga kame nuon pa tapos yun unti unti ng nawala yung interest ko sa Showtime so masaya yung mother ko na EB na ulit yung napapanuod nya. Nakakalungkot isipin na merong mga fans ang ABSCBN na grabe makapang bash na tipong i-threat nila ang buong EB lalo na ALDUB at fans na bombahin daw ng arena. I hope marealize ng iba yung ginagawa nila yung mga binibitawan nilang salita na hindi maganda, walang masamang maging fan pero sana not to the extent na sa sobrang pag tatanggol eh maghahangad ka ng masama sa kapwa mo. Anyways thanks for this article, totoong totoo.

  • Jenesis P. Eraña

    Just shared this on my twitter & facebook account so i can read it again & again! “What you sow, you will reap” talaga! Thank you po for such a brilliant article!

  • Dayanarra Reyes

    Thank you so much for this! Everything that I wanted to say (but can’t pit into words) were written here. Well actually, I salute Vice for that brave move to admit that they CAN’T beat Eat Bulaga. But the thing is, his speech is not entirely believable. He doesn’t have bitterness? He doesn’t have bad feelings? THAT. IS. IMPOSSIBLE. Another is the part when he said, “Sino ba nagsabing kakalabanin niyo ang Eat Bulaga? sasmahan niyo lang sila magpasaya.” I was like, “Who are you fooling?” I don’t want to sound cynical, but it’s really a stupid statement. In a meeting? You’ll talk like that? Of course not. They were trying to beat Eat Bulaga, obviously, but they realized that they can’t and they never can. So the only thing left is to act like a victim. What Vice Ganda did last Saturday is so not him. Okay, I admit, I watch Showtime before so I can remember how Vice Ganda mocked not only Eat Bulaga, but also the whole GMA Network during the time when Showtime is shining. I remember he once mocked GMA and then he said, “Isulat niyo lahat ng gusto niyong isulat sakin sa diyaryo pero hindi niyo ko mapapahinto.” and now he acts like he is humble. Well, I’m not happy that this is happening to Vice Ganda, I’m really not. But I hope through this, Vice will learn his lessons.

    Anyways, thank you so much for this. Everything is just do true. Salute to you, Sir!

  • megfan

    its high time to set your foot on the grounds vice Ganda ..
    Masyado ka Maya’s Kaya ang bagsak mo grabe din.. Lesson learned

  • megfan

    Sa taas mo masyado ms vice Ganda yan din ang taas ng bagsak mo..

  • Adial Fernandez


    what a great read! i did not get the ‘di naman namin tinatalo ang eb’ talk as everyone in the house were busy watching the no commercial break eat bulaga. what a great idea it is, to not have commercial breaks, that there will be no chance of taking a spin on what the other channel is showing. good job!

  • Christian Garrids

    maganda yung article tsaka kapupulutan talaga ng aral. I admit nanonood talaga ako ng showtime dahil hindi ko namn hilig na isang network lang ako. nung bata pa ako EB/GMA na talaga kami dahil sa mga ginagawa nilang mga bagay na maganda. doon lang ako nakabalik ng EB dahil sa nanay ko, palagi kasi syang nanonood ng EB. At nang naintroduce ni nanay yung ALDUB, dun na ako na nahumaling, dahil may lessons pala siyang binibigay. good job allan!! pagpalain ka sana 🙂

  • Joe Roe

    I can still remember, one time, during a portion where showtime hosts asked some audience for their reaction to one of the contestants, Vice threw cheap shots at an old lady for having no teeth. Not only he subtly insulted the lady, he asked her to smile into the camera close up, several times. Then sure enough, Vice later said something like “Oy wag kayo ganyan, ang mga nanay, the best yan, yan ang ilaw ng tahanan natin, blah blah”. Total hypocrite!

  • Jojo

    Very informative. I did not know that the competing show made so many moves that were out to destroy Eat Bulaga. But I believe God gave us this show especially for OFWs longing for their family’s company. Ika nga ng song,

    “God gave me you to show me what’s real
    There’s more to life than just how I feel
    And all that I’m worth is right before my eyes
    And all that I live for though I didn’t know why
    Now I do, ’cause God gave me you.”

  • Ron

    the dirtiest part is sabotaging eat bulaga in cables. I am a victim of this. anyway, I dont change the channel. I wait for you tube.
    I have always been a fan of EB for the simple thing that they make me laugh. When juan for all started, I was so enthralled because this was so new and innovative. What more, Jose and Wally can spontaneously make any situation funny. If you don’t know, Poalo shined while in Juan for all. Then Problem solving came along. Another hit for me for a segment I thought cannot get any better (This was copied as Advice Ganda by ST). Then Dora the explorer appeared. This was the start of Wally’s moment. FOr the 1st time, he had more exposure than Jose and he really pulled it off. During Dora’s fairwell, I was thinking what are they gonna think of next. Then appeared Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub. Admittedly at first, I was turned off by yaya because she was mean to Jose and her character not grumpy. But while watching one Thursday afternoon on June…she smiled (im tearing up). the rest, they say, is history.

    PS. my coworkers before were all showtime fans. I have been subtly converting them to EB by suggesting they watch kalye seye. Now, Im proud to say, we are many.

    • Ron

      Correction: Admittedly at first, I was turned off by yaya because she was mean to Jose and her character was grumpy.


    very well said.. everything is true. once lang ako na nood ng SHOWTIME for curiousity sake but i stop becoz that first time i watch na emberya ako kay VG kac kung makapang lait sya sa contestants parang sya na ang pinaka maganda at magaling. i dont finished watching that showtime on that day at hindi na umulit. I love EB even doon pa ako sa Pinas hanggang dumating ako sa Dubai. and very thankful indeed when EB came to Dubai way back 1998, ako ang nanalo sa ITAKTAK MO segment. what i have noticed and observed all the staff of EB and the TVJ and the rest of ALDABARKADS infact nandoon pa c FRANCIS MAGALONA.. all of them were so accommodating na ipa feel ka nila you are there DABARKADS na welcome ka sa KAPUSO. a very memorable experienced when ive met all of them especially when i ask Bossing to have a hug & kiss with him kac ung anak ko kinuha ko talaga ang pangalang ng eldest daughter nya na c Danica. sabi ni Bossing oo naman.. at nakita ko ung mukha ni bossing na very sincere sa mga tao. then, when ALDUB comes since from day 1 till now avid fanatic talaga ako. Friday night hanggang Saturday walang tulugan na kac bali ung ang mga main event namin ng ALDUB NATION to get a good higher tweets. I did this not only to get a higher tweets but a love and passion ko sa ALDUB grabi ang dating nila sa buhay ko. lalo na kami dito sa abroad may mga problema at stress so we need to break our the stress and forget our problems. KS is the solution.. manood na ako ng KS wala na ang problema kac we’ve also learned some advices of LOLA especially ung word ng TAMANG PANAHON. Honestly, we always pray to God and ask something but we are not being patience to wait till our prayers be answered. But when Lola said, whatever happened sa buhay natin kung ano man ang gusto mong mangyari nasa TAMANG PANAHON lahat. so bali, nakaka realized sa buhay natin na meron talagang TAMANG PANAHON sa lahat. Indeed, at may age 55 yrs old buang na buang sa ALDUB.. Anyway, i love your article and looking forward for more articles from you.. ALDUB NATION go go go parin tau sa TAMANG PANAHON at may FOREVER..

  • malen

    This is a good take on the issue coupled with a witty and excellent writing skill. I enjoyed reading it along with the no-nonesense comments =). Your view about network wars and your take on the question about joey I think reflect the sentiments or thoughts of many others including me. (Here’s another stalker born…coz im gonna follow you…=) in twitter…i.e)

  • Grace Espina

    This article get me going. Keep reading it from top
    To bottom. At first I thought this article is going to say something ill then after reading it. I must say this one is such a good article worth reading. Masusing pinagisipan and gathered lots of real documented facts. Nakakatuwa po kayo Mr. Allan Carreon. I have also read all the nice comments even them have thier knowledgable comments, opinions &
    Observation. I have been a loyal EAT BULAGA avid fan since I was 7years young it’s been 33 years as an avid fan as of now I’ve seen all the female cohost. I’ve seen every one shine on the show. When ALDUB is unexpectedly boom And slowly being recognized and being Love by the ALDUBNATION on thier 3rd day seeing on split screen it was July 18 my son reminded me to watch It live on Eat BULAGA kasi po Naging viral kaagad agad overnight Un pagpanuod ni Alden Kay yayaDub nun July16 then from then on until now 4monthsary Nila at 15Weeksary Wala akong pinalagpas n araw even some occasions n imbitado ako tinatanggihan Ko bcoz of EAT BULAGA KS and most of all bcoz of ALDUB!!! I even ask my eldest daughter to make me a Twitter account on the second Saturday which have the hashtag of #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate kasama Ko dun s ALDUBNATION n nag twits ng 25.6M very proud Ako nun kinaya ng fans paabutin ng Ganun kadaming twits. I find it very appealing being one of the thousands or millions ALDUBNATION who keep on spreading love, Gud inspiration sharing thier talents in different fauscets of Arts, even most of the ALDUBNation are professionals, very smart and full of talents. They don’t entertain haters nor bashers. They do advice the ALDUBNATION to condemned it or blocked the person doing it. We spread love & unity not war. I am thankful and very happy to EAT BULAGA for giving joy, happiness, hope to every Juan!!! God bless ALDUBNATION let’s continue to support EAT BULAGA & ALDUB/MAIDEN!!! To God be the glory & rejoice through out the ALDUBNATION!

  • Abby Bern

    Long before AlDub was Born, I seldomly watch nor listen to Filipino masterpieces. The only shows I would tune into is Bubble Gang and Eat Bulaga since My parents even my grandparents would always watch it every noontime. I love how EB helps out different people everyday.

    The moment I started to become Team Abroad due to work, I ended up being hooked to AlDub to ease the sadness being away from home. Last August, I was given the chance to visit Pinas for a couple of months and I told my self that I will go to Broadway to see my favorite show. I was there when a Plywood tried to separate the two. I was with a friend who is a solid Kapamilya and It saddened me what she had to say to differentiate the shows. She noticed that EB has a low class audience than the latter. I wanted to disagree because I myself hate how people would degrade others. In my mind, I believe that EB not only targets the high class people (as the opposite would only try to do) but also reaches out to all Filipinos with diferrent status quo. I’ve experienced to visit one Barangay where they had their Sugod Bahay/Juan For All Segment and it really hit me so hard making me realize that what they do is No Joke. They help out people without asking anything in return. They bring joy to different Barangays daily in which I have never seen in other shows. They provide GENUINE help and happiness to Every Juan. Seeing all their efforts & care for the Filipino people made me fall in love more with Eat Bulaga. I have HIGH respect to the show and its casts & crews for going extra miles to reach millions of people not just their avid fans. Being in the Arena last Oct 24., only shows how far they’ve gone to deserve all the support, scream, laughter they have received around the World. Truly, EB is a blessing to EveryJuan… Bringing Filipinos around the Globe through Twitter, Facebook etc.. Allowing us to Unite and Know the Value of BAYANIHAN. Again, MARAMING SALAMAT EAT BULAGA!

    Thank you Allan for your wonderful article!

  • Jean Rey

    There was even an episode of IS when I tuned in (while EB aired commercials) to check how they do when EB is on commercial break. Lo and behold, it was VGanda along with some of the hosts having some chit chat about the way different cultures treat relationships of a couple and women; heck, even saying that not all cultures do it w/ the Pinoy style of proper courtship and all. That was really low! It was such an inept and extremely futile attempt to try subtleness in putting EB, KS and ALDUB down. I wish I can remember the date (it was before TAMANG PANAHON PHIL ARENA event). NAPAILING AKO! Such tasteless way to discredit an authentic and valuable decent & moral way of Pinoy courtship. What a pathetic try to sway their dwindling viewers all the more.


    This is a good and informative piece of writing, full of facts and evidences of a good judgement. I became a fan of Eat Bulaga because of their consideration in good media programming. I am a reasonable person and this is what I don’t comprehend that how do Filipinos or some of them follow or even give their support to a show being hosted by a rude and very mapang-lait na host. If you think about it, VG makes patawa in the expense of others well-being. The followers of VG is blind to the fact that they are being joined-in to this non-respectful means of entertainment. I can tell now people who follows VG are also very rude and very walang respeto sa pagkatao dahil sila mismo ay nakiki-ayon o nakikitawa sa joke na mapang-lait sa kapwa. And also lahat ng nag-ba-bash sa Aldub or Eat Bulaga ay bingi o bulag na sa katotohanan na ang ginagawa ng EB ay pagtulong sa kapwa tao. If you think about it, all the schools they are trying to help which is a good thing. But to the bashers they are blind to this, this is the effect of supporting a host that is not an example of having respect for a human-being. I rather hear jokes that is ‘corny’ than a joke that humiliate a person. Kung ang isang person eh nakiki-ayon ka sa joke na mapang-lait then you have a problem. To EB and Aldub, continue the Plastic ni Juan project, continue the Juan for All And All For Juan, continue to build the Aldub libraries and good respectable show. You already are in your 36 years and still going even the people are saying that you are old and sinking. But this I know, good things comes to people that do good things too….


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