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Aurelio Postscript: Mabuhay ang Tanghalan!

by on Sep.17, 2017, under Literature, Music & Theater, Society, Travel & Culture

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Because I enjoyed it so much, I watched Aurelio Sedisyo: A Rock Sarswela again. I basically book-ended the experience, having first seen it during opening night and now capping it with the closing show. And while opening night was great, the production has definitely found its footing and is even more polished.

I’ve spoken previously of the wonderful performance of the cast members, but this time I was able to watch Baron Geisler as Tikbalang. Just like the rest of the cast, he is excellent onstage. Despite the occasional difficulty of being heard (it might have been his mic), Baron has a powerful presence, perhaps more so than his alternate, that truly helps embody the personification of American Imperialism. His is an imposing antagonist, one that is disturbing, hilarious, and frightening all at the same time – a portrayal deserving of the character.

Watching the play again reminded me of how subversive the show is, a timely period piece relevant in the current socio-political climate. It is socially seditious, artistically rebellious, and sexually charged as it challenges the establishments that seek to suppress our rights.

It reminded me that art is always at the forefront when battle lines are drawn in the name of freedom. Who, after all, are almost always the first ones to be silenced but writers, musicians, actors, performers, and other artists who beautifully express dissent when social wrongs begin to spread across society?

Evil has always feared the pen and the song and the movement, for these invoke emotions beyond the reach of mere reason and logic: emotions which can overcome the fear of becoming a victim and which can instead bring out the hero in each one of us.

Such is art.

Such is life.

Indeed: Mabuhay ang tanghalan!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Aurelio Sedisyoso: A Rock Sarswela.

May your tribe increase.

Bonus: I got to meet Basti Artadi in line for drinks during intermission. While I do take pics with celebs, few really cause me to speechless and starstruck. The great Basti is one of those few.

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