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Even More #PinoyPride

by on Sep.13, 2017, under Society, Travel & Culture

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The 2017 SEA Games ended two weeks ago on 30 August 2017, and while the Philippines did not become over-all champion, we did get to have a fairly good showing in bagging 24 gold medals (not to mention 33 silvers and 64 bronzes).

Trenten Beram, for example, dashed his way into our hearts.

Now, where has been the fanfare for these true #PinoyPride bearers? Is that really just reserved for the likes of the despicable Pakyu and the beautiful and popular Pia? Are we so blinded by celebrity that we fail to give rightful acclaim to others who have brought honor, perhaps even truer honor, to our country?

You would think that, at this point in time, a couple of weeks after the closing ceremonies, there would be more positive noise with all of our athletes’ performance. But then again, this has generally been a problem in almost all past such competitions. It’s something I believe we need to change.

And John Marvin bagged boxing gold, making us all go googly-eyed.

All of our athletes deserve more recognition, particularly given how little support they truly get from the government when they compete in such international events.

Even those who did not win any medals deserve a salute from us considering most if not all of them are doing this out of love for sport and country, not just personal gain (unlike certain boxers who refuse to join the Olympics but would have no issues fighting for fame and profit).

And as for those who did win, here they are, folks: all our athletes who took home medals for a country that does little to honor them. They deserve more applause from all of us.

Source of Tables: Wikipedia. Yes, I know, always be wary of Wiki, regardless.







And, as an added bonus, here’s Ty Ruiz, who didn’t place in his events, but well, he deserves a shout-out for just being so dreamy.

And we can’t have enough of John and Trenten, can we?

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