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True Pinoy Pride

by on Aug.08, 2016, under Society, Travel & Culture

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Photo credits: Rappler

Hidilyn Diaz, Filipina weightlifter from Mindanao, just brought us a silver medal in the Rio Olympics. This is our first medal since 1996 and the first from a woman, the first for someone from Mindanao, and the first for a non-boxer since 1936.

This is what we call #PinoyPride.

This is not a money-hungry, lying, homophobic athlete-slash-faux-senator who declines to compete in the Olympics for the country under pretense of “focusing on the senate” but then plans to fight in Vegas later this year. Because obviously, there’s money in that, and suddenly “focusing on the senate” seems as relevant as his attendance record.

#PinoyPride is reserved for the likes of Hidilyn Diaz, who competes for the country despite the general passiveness of her people in supporting Olympic athletes not involved in basketball or boxing. They are the ones who forge on for the country’s honor without the promise of financial gain.

Congratulations, Hidilyn! May your tribe increase.

Photo credits: Rappler

Photo credits: Rappler

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