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Their struggles are real.

by on Sep.08, 2017, under Queer, Society

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The trans community is one of the most vulnerable segments of the LGBT community. It is, unfortunately, still a world where binary gender concepts are still the boxed in norms recognized by “modern” society at large – where gender identity and sexual orientation are still being confused with each other.

Thus, transmen and transwomen experience unique struggles that even LGB folks do not necessarily face. Our trans brothers and sisters are particularly vulnerable to violent hate crimes; even without such statistics, they experience a lot of discrimination, sometimes even within the LGBT community itself. Their struggles include what we might think are “little things” or situations we take for granted – when in fact, they are not so little or so immaterial.

And yet the truth is that gender binaries are a modern construct. Many cultures, mostly pre-Western, had gender notions that did not fit in with what is perceived now as “man vs. woman.” Across the globe, cultures have long histories of social norms around multiple gender identities and sexual orientation. It is a reality that remains despite what any bigot says.

It’s about time we recognize that, since the dawn of man, transmen and transwomen have always been people just as valid as you and me. We are all, after all, human, and we all deserve respect and acceptance.

Let their struggles be ended.

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