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A Very Posh Birthday

by on Apr.17, 2017, under Film & TV, Music & Theater, My Life, Queer, Travel & Culture

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Despite all the criticism that she was the Spice Girl who sang the least, among other things, Victoria Beckham has always been and will always be my favorite Spice Girl. Even when she was still Victoria Adams, prior to her marriage to that gorgeous soccer player, she fascinated me: the classy style, the smouldering looks, the occasional smile, the cheeky deadpan humor. Victoria has a sophistication that I adore, one which I believe hid an ultimately down-to-earth lady (no matter what others thought).

And her singing voice? It may not be as powerful or polished as Emma’s or the Melanies’, but I always liked the quality of her voice in the same way that I love the bedroom-y, husky voice of Westlife’s Nicky Byrne (another “underdog” in his own group, love ya, babe!).

And let’s face the truth: she has been the most successful Spice Girl post-breakup. It may not be in the music industry, but she has become a juggernaut of fashion in her own way. Combine that with astute branding side by side with her husband, and we have a savvy businesswoman who knows how to build success upon success throughout the past two decades.

Moreover, she’s done all this while maintaining a pretty solid family life – bearing four beautiful children (hello, Brooklyn, you’re now 18, mmm) and still being a visible mother.

Not bad for someone who many thought of as being the least of the Spice Girls. Bitch, please. Victoria Beckham is Victoria Beckham.

Now that’s Girl Power.

Happy 43rd birthday, Posh! You’ll always be the best.

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