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Step Back In Time

by on Apr.10, 2017, under Music & Theater, Queer

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We all have our guilty pleasures. One of these, for me, is the campy yet surprisingly earworm-inducing late 90s pop group Steps, who many considered as a bit of a spiritual successor of the glorious and amazing ABBA.

Well, since 90s pop group reunions seem to be all the rage these days, of course Steps cannot be left behind, can they? So here they are, back for their 20th anniversary with a new song.

And as always, it just stays in your head.

In all fairness, they all still look great, although Lisa seems to look a little older than her age – though still really pretty (she and H were always my favorite).

Speaking of H, who came out as gay post-breakup of the group (shocking!), how about letting the boys sing solo vocals again? Come on, it’s been twenty years. Much as I enjoy seeing Lee’s shirtless body which remains to be rather enticing, he and H really need to, ummm, step up.

Well, let’s wait for that album.

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