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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Reunion

by on Jun.17, 2016, under Music & Theater, Queer

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I am of the belief that everyone is either an ABBA fan… or a closet ABBA fan.

Come on, admit it, you love them.

Boys, let's see you pull off a Björn Ulvaeus while remaining absolutely straight.

Boys, let’s see you pull off a Björn Ulvaeus while remaining absolutely straight.

The songs, the dance moves, the fabulous outfits.

You love them all.

Long before the Spice Girls or Steps ever set foot on stage in cheesy costumes, ABBA paved the way for sheer musical awesomeness and extravaganza. They were Euro-disco when disco was just disco. They were Scandinavia’s most powerful musical export long before Roxette and Björk.

They were so gay that they went beyond gay to some transcendental musical sparkly gay state that no earthly words can describe. Almost like Edward Cullen, except less gay.

Oh, no, Björn and Benny are not gay themselves. They were once respectively married to Agnetha and Anni-Frid. It takes a special kind of security in one’s sexuality to be marching around in the things Björn and Benny wore.

Let’s also never forget their very sound and practical advice to find ourselves a sugar daddy.

It definitely takes a special kind of spirit to simply be… ABBA.

Take a chance on it, please!

Take a chance on it, please!

So imagine how much I nearly peed my pants in delight when the quartet recently sang together after thirty years. It’s sad that there are only stills of this reunion and no video.

Now, the group has always been adamant about never doing a reunion.

Even after a gorgeous, sexily buff, yet sassy fictional fan took a lovely gift from Agnetha on tour.

Even after several acts were so obviously inspired by them that ABBA awareness and fandom among the younger generations continued.

Even after the jukebox musical hit the stage and revived ABBA fever.

Even after Meryll Streep made sure we got a ton of half-naked boys running wet around a Greek island (and, as with the stage musical, gave us fair warning not to invite three potential fathers to give us away at our wedding).

Even after all four appeared at the opening of Björn’s Mamma Mia-themed Greek restaurant. Which, by the way, new life goal.

Even when three of them attended the launch of the ABBA Museum. I mean, they have their own friggin’ museum.

Even after all that, the group has been generally resistant to a reunion.

But now, their recent appearance singing together – no matter how short – has given us a glimmer of hope.

Now I love the Spice Girls and cannot wait for them to reunite (again), but seriously: ABBA getting back onstage officially will just be. So. Damn. Bigger.

Please, by all the Swedish deities, make it happen.

Euro. Disco. Pop. 'Nuff said.

Euro. Disco. Pop. ‘Nuff said.

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