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Another Injustice

by on Apr.06, 2017, under Geeky

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I recently learned from a friend that Injustice 2 is already beta-testing its mobile version of the game. And because I’ve been eagerly been anticipating this for some time now, I immediately downloaded it.

The intro sequence is just awesome.

Check it out.

Later this week, I shall share some initial gameplay I’ve done.

Meanwhile, here are a few more character teasers for the game. Thank goodness they didn’t forget to include a Wonder Woman villain, but I fear it will yet again be just the token WW villain – they seem to just include one Wondie villain at a time in many of these things – and usually Ares, Cheetah, and occasionally Circe.

Come on, DC! Step up. Give us at least a few more Wondie baddies: Dr. Psycho, Silver Swan, Giganta, Dr. Cyber, and with the upcoming movie, hopefully Dr. Poison.

Or better yet, make sure we have a Wondie game as well.

All character and game rights belong to DC Entertainment, WarnerBros, and/or NetherRealm Studios.

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