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Injustice Strikes Back

by on Jun.13, 2016, under Geeky

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IJ2 Aquaman Early Access on IJ Mobile

IJ2 Aquaman Early Access on IJ Mobile

I have been waiting for the Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel for years, and I am friggin’ stoked because this is one of my favorite – if not my favorite – games of all time. I have spent hours upon hours upon hours across the last three years on both the console and mobile versions, and DC and NetherRealm do not disappoint.

Judging from the trailer released for the sequel, it looks like they will continue to not disappoint.

Aside from the trailer, a gameplay reveal was also released by IGN on Sunday (Manila time), and it is sick! I sure hope we get even more new characters besides the fantastic new ones we’ve seen so far: Supergirl, Atrocitus, Grodd, and Black Manta! A friend told me that Dr. Fate is confirmed as well – here’s hoping!

IJ2 Superman Early Access on IJ Mobile

IJ2 Superman Early Access on IJ Mobile

My wish list includes Arrowverse characters and skins for White Canary, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Speedy/Thea, Ronnie Raymond Firestorm, Atom, Vixen, Huntress, Zoom, Reverb, Killer Frost, Connor Hawke, Dr. Light, Constantine, and Arsenal (bonus: immortalize Colton Haynes to give a further middle finger to that little Galvin brat).

Then for non-Arrowverse ones, I hope we get to see Power Girl, Black Canary (the real one, not the faux Arrowverse one), Hawkman (the real one, not the faux Arrowverse one), Donna Troy, Tempest/Garth, Starfire, Changeling (I refuse to call him Beast Boy), Prometheus, Batman Begins Penguin, Batwoman, Riddler, Cheetah, Circe, Giganta, and Dr. Psycho.

Yeah, a number of these are probably never going to happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

Now, please excuse me while I camp out to get and promote the IJ2 Superman and IJ2 Aquaman early access character cards from the mobile platform.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the gameplay that IGN released. Enjoy!



All character and game rights belong to DC Entertainment, WarnerBros, and/or NetherRealm Studios.

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