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Komikon Goodies

by on Nov.25, 2016, under Geeky, Literature

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Wondie and Spidey!

Last Saturday, I dropped by Komikon 2016.

My plan was to just pick up a pre-ordered, limited edition signed hardbound copy of The Origin of Zuma. The origin of this iconic Filipino monster has never been told, and when the social media page of legendary creator Jim Fernandez announced the story would now be released, I had to have it. I grew up watching those Zuma movies, and I loved them (and they always scared the shit out of me).

In any case, my basic plan to just get my copy went down the drain because I ended up – as usual – hoarding more than I expected. That, and I also met other creators that I didn’t get a chance to meet last time, including another legend – Hal Santiago, Jim’s collaborator and Zuma artist.

But it was all worth it.

And anyone stupid enough to say that “komiks” is dead should be slapped very hard for being immensely moronic. Komikon, among other conventions, truly goes to show that komiks is very much alive and well.

Indeed, long live Pinoy komiks!

The place was packed, as always.

With the legendary Hal Santiago

Limited autographed hardbound edition: signed by Jim and Hal!

The Pedro Penduko team

Pedro Penduko: look at the awesome artwork that they freely included in their autographs!

With one of my favorite local creators: Mervin Malonzo

Got the newly-released After Lambana, and I also got my Tabi Po copies signed. Tabi Po is one of my fave series because: aswang.

Patay Kung Patay #3 – I was there when this was still being conceptualized as a film by Mike A. He then opted to collab with a friend of mine, Noel, to make it a comic book instead.

Nifty magnets: what is Komikon without getting something Zaturnnah-related and Trese-related?




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