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The Lennon Legacy

by on Oct.09, 2016, under Music & Theater

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Now while I of course will always remember Nicky Byrne’s birthday first and foremost, and while I still much prefer Jim Morrison over-all in terms of music, poetry, and artistry, and while Ringo will always be my favorite Beatle, we cannot deny the greatness and legend of John Lennon.

In many ways, and just in my opinion, he was the primary force behind the Beatles (sorry, Paul). His work, both with the group and as a solo artist, revealed a true master of music and social commentary, one whose influence remains to this d ay. He was controversial, a divisive figure whose statements were rarely tame (yet always thought-provoking).

In the end, he rightfully became an icon.

Thirty-six years ago, John’s life ended at the doorstep of his own home, and a legend was taken away from us.

Today, on this date, he would have been 76.

Happy birthday, John! Your legacy will always live on.

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