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A Little Serenade

by on Aug.10, 2016, under Music & Theater, Travel & Culture

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will always be my favorite classical musician. He is a genius who started composing at the age of five, and he has created marvelous musical works of various genres: sonatas, concertos, operas, symphonies, and more.

My love for Mozart began sometime in the early 90s when I first saw the 1984 Oscar Best Picture winner Amadeus, a biographical drama that took some liberties with historical facts and utilized some of the more legendary stories surrounding the man.

Like that marvelous laughter.

I did so love the movie and found the man fascinating. And yes, he was a true prodigy. The movie also exposed me to his music, and it was through him that I began to appreciate classical music – which in the past I had found (sacrilege!) boring. Thanks to Mozart, I made my way to Beethoven, Back, Handel, Vivaldi, and many others that I adore.

Long before the 80s, big hair was already all the rage in the late 18th century.

Long before the 80s, big hair was already all the rage in the late 18th century.

So basically, Mozart made me more cultured.

And this is also why, aside from his musical genius, in my book, Mozart will always top them all.

In Vienna, two-hundred twenty-nine years ago today, Mozart completed Eine kleine Nachtmusik, one of his most famous compositions, if not the most famous. Commonly, most translate the title as “A Little Night Music,” though some sources say that more accurate translation is “A Little Serenade.” Regardless, this wonderful work always makes me smile, and it elicits such a light and giddy feeling that I cannot explain.

Perhaps it’s me wanting to experience life in that wonderful era.

Cheers, Mozart! Cheers to eine kleine nachtmusik!

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