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Pride Minister

by on Jul.06, 2016, under Queer, Society

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As though we needed yet another reason to fall madly in love with him, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made history by being the first leader of their country to join their Pride Parade.

Justin, who is a staunch LGBT supporter and who has won our hearts not just by smiling but also by being open, progressive, and able to summarize quantum computing at the snap of a finger, makes it even better by reiterating that a leader joining the Pride Parade is just how it should be and shouldn’t be a big deal.

Trudeau’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness – as well as sensible governance – was apparent from the start, when last year he named “a cabinet that looked like Canada.”

Composed not just of 50% women, which by itself is already an astounding feat, as well as excellent racial diversity and an injection of youth, Trudeau’s cabinet also puts into position people actually qualified for the position – such as the Health Minister being a doctor, the Minister of Defence being a war hero, and the Minister of Transport a “goddamn astronaut.”

Why we cannot have this kind of cabinet, I cannot fathom, especially since spin doctors claimed the new Philippine cabinet would be “Trudeau-style” but instead we got same old, same old for the most part.

Justin Trudeau is popular because he walks the talk (and does it with lovely biceps).

In any case, just to end this on a positive note, and just to make this hump day even… humpier, here’s Justin jogging with gorgeous Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto last week.

Both of them are, of course, in short shorts.

Now why can’t we have presidents this hot?

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