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I Iz Self-Entitled Mowd’l And I Wants to Flys.

by on Jun.08, 2016, under Snark

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So I came across this article today, and apparently it also slightly trended.

“Flys.” Really?

(I won’t even mention how she misspelled “Philippines.” Oh, wait, I just did.)

Karlie Kloss is the reason why models are stereotyped as stupid. Now obviously not all of them are, quite a number are actually pretty smart, but she certainly just came out as the poster girl of the typecast.

What makes it worse is that, in this case, she was completely at fault: arriving late for a flight and expecting special treatment.

PAL is not perfect and can be frustrating. In fact, its only advantage in the Philippines is that its competitions are Cebu Pacific and AirAsia, making it seem five star in comparison – which is not a compliment. I was in Jakarta a few weeks back, and getting in touch with them to rebook was hell, especially since they don’t have any international hotlines except for the USA.

That said, in this case PAL was not in the wrong.

Of course, reading terms and conditions must be so hard for Miss Kloss, like, ohmygod! Too many big words! As if!

She should be grateful that they even tweeted her an apology. If I were the PR manager of PAL, and I’m sure they’d be glad that I am not, I would’ve just released a statement full of shade about the company needing to serve all its passengers in a timely manner without needing to wait for anyone, not even airheads who, like, can’t even spell on Snapchat, like, ohemgee!

Also, if “no one flys” PAL, then that makes her an absolute “no one,” too.

Lack of brains. Self-entitled stick insect.

Bitch, please. You are neither Naomi nor Claudia.

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