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The Creepy Church of the Busybody Strikes Again

by on Dec.08, 2011, under Queer, Snark

Once again, the Damasos speak.

In what has to be the most irony-laden stand in the history of idiocy, the Creepy Busybodies’ Coalition of the Philippines (CBCP) is targeting the anti-discrimination bill currently being reviewed by the Senate. The mission? To eliminate provisions around LGBT rights.

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Airport Airhead

by on Dec.02, 2011, under Snark

A recent editorial by Teddy Locsin, Jr. caught my eye on the interwebs earlier today.

I expected better from someone like Teddy Locsin, Jr.

In it, he makes a well-stated case against the anomalies involved in “contracting” the job of refurbishing the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), which recently cropped up in several online lists as Asia’s (and in some cases, I believe the world’s) worst airport. These anomalies should indeed be called out, especially in light of such a high-profile issue.

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Ten Things I Hate About The Online You

by on Nov.27, 2011, under Snark, Society

Social networking is fun. Heck, back before Facebook was alive, I was a Friendster addict. And who remembers mIRC, which is technically not a social network, but a chat place? Of course, Friendster is practically dead, mIRC is as obscure as EDSAmail, and now Facebook has swallowed the world. As long as one knows how to socially-network responsibly and smartly, it can be a pretty powerful tool in the world of today.

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11.11.11. Irish Big Brother

by on Nov.11, 2011, under My Life

Bro. James P. Dunne, SJ (picture courtesy of the Bro. Dunne FB Page)

Today marks what would have been the 76th birthday of a very special man who touched the lives of many high school Ateneans of my generation. Bro. James P. Dunne, SJ was the original Big Brother, at least for many teenagers of my time, and he is sorely missed.

Below is a note (edited) that I wrote on Facebook this day last year. Remembering Bro will never get old; he will never fade away from the memories of the countless lives he touched.

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Remembering Daddy

by on Oct.24, 2011, under My Life

When I was a young, I was somewhat sickly. I wasn’t asthmatic, but I had regular bouts of what seemed to be like symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. It was a good thing, then, that my maternal grandfather, “Daddy,” was a chest doctor. Daddy would always be the one to check up on me. Later on, when I became a healthier person, Daddy was still my main go-to person if I needed a check-up (or an excuse letter for school, heh) until he retired.

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Medically Blonde

by on Aug.20, 2011, under My Life, Snark

I’ve never experienced so many screw-ups from a hospital as I have with Makati Medical.

Today, more than a week after I got discharged, and when you would think everything’s already good, I found out they still screwed up yet again.

Perhaps it’s best to start from the first screw-ups, somewhat discussed in my last blog post.

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Buuurtdey na naman ng bruha!

by on Aug.13, 2011, under My Life

Three days prior to my birthday, I was – during an executive offsite seminar – taken to the ER for dizziness, on/off fever, and fluctuating BP. I was given anti-vertigo meds, was advised to rest, and if it still recurred, was told to go to the hospital for a follow-up. Stating the obvious is apparently a requirement for ER doctors in Rizal.

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by on Jul.29, 2011, under Queer, Society

Apparently, there is none.

At least, with some people.

In this day and age, in a place where one’s comfort is thought to have always been secure due to progressive and inclusive ideals being espoused, it is frightening to learn that fear of the different is alive and well.

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The Boy Who Lived… Forever

by on Jul.23, 2011, under Film & TV, Geeky

I’ve only really followed Harry Potter through the movies. I haven’t read any of the books except The Half-Blood Prince, which was given to me as a gift by one of my best friends several years back. The film version of The Half-Blood Prince left me gagging because of how it butchered what was a very good book, and that and the the film adaptation of The Prisoner of Azkaban have remained the sore spots in an otherwise amazing movie franchise.

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Everybody needs a shipwreck wans in a while.

by on Jul.18, 2011, under Film & TV

The remake of Joey Gosiengfiao’s “Temptation Island” was more faithful than I expected. It had a few tweaks here and there, mostly to modernize the references, but it was surprisingly intact. No wonder: the original was such a classic with those quotable quotes that to mess with it would ruin the remake significantly – and writer/director Chris Martinez knows this.

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