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Buuurtdey na naman ng bruha!

by on Aug.13, 2011, under My Life

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Three days prior to my birthday, I was – during an executive offsite seminar – taken to the ER for dizziness, on/off fever, and fluctuating BP. I was given anti-vertigo meds, was advised to rest, and if it still recurred, was told to go to the hospital for a follow-up. Stating the obvious is apparently a requirement for ER doctors in Rizal.

Two days later, the day prior to my birthday, I was back in a different ER (closer to home now, Makati Med), and again was given some meds, advised to have several days bed rest, and told to do a follow-up the next day with my HMO’s in-house internal medicine specialist.

On my birthday, I was having a check-up as my fever still would not go away. The doctor instructed me take some blood tests in Makati Med, then he gave me a list of meds to buy and take for the next week or so. Bed rest at home was still the verdict, but I was to come back after two days for the results. Not exactly my idea of a birthday celebration.

Two days later, when I came back, I was so dizzy and feverish they rushed me to the ER again. This time, I was confined. It makes me wonder why I wasn’t confined right at the onset, but there you have it.

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Practically all possible tests were done in the next few days, heck I never realized what a pain a damned CT Scan would be, and the expensive meds I’d bought a few days prior were rendered useless as new medication was given to me by my new set of doctors.

Nearly a week later, I was discharged after my on/off fever finally stopped, and my colonoscopy revealed nothing unusual. I was to take full bed rest for the remainder of the week at home. I also had a new set of medication for the next couple of weeks, this time not rendered useless. But still expensive.

All in all, it was an unusual way to spend my 34th birthday.

The funny thing is, in my mid-30’s, I’m proud of having gotten another year older – yes, despite spending the day with a doctor advising me to buy medication that I ended up not using.

Many people whine about getting older. Me, I appreciate it. It tells me I’m growing in experience, hopefully obtaining more wisdom, and beginning to see the world differently.

Besides, I’ve always believed that only the people who have not truly accomplished anything of value are the ones who are afraid of getting older. There is no shame in growing older unless one’s youth and life are being wasted.

I’m proud to be 34. Besides, 30 is the new 20, and even if I got sick, I’ve never felt more alive.

That’s the strength you get from having faith.

Circa 2001


2011: Nothing much has changed intrinsically. It’s called happiness.



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