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by on Oct.05, 2018, under My Life, Queer

Sometimes, you just want the rage take you over.

It takes a hold of you.

It builds up within.

And it makes you want to… scream.

But you check yourself.

You keep it in because it may be the right thing to do.


Still, it eats at you from inside, and you realize that there has to be a different way to let it out. There has to be a way to let the frustration take form so as not to let it drown you with it. There has to be a way for you to not let the power consume you and him and every single other innocent that stands in the path towards serenity.

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He wasn’t really a Ninja Turtle.

by on Mar.06, 2017, under Travel & Culture

When one says “Renaissance Man,” people almost always instantly think of the great Leonardo Da Vinci, which is not surprising given his wide array of disciplines and contributions.

However, there is another. No, not a Jedi. People often forget that Da Vinci’s contemporary Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni – or Michelangelo for short, as that name is quite a handful – was also a master of multiple disciplines.

Yes, we all know he sculpted the Pietà and David. The latter, in particular, was something that surely piqued the curiosity of young boys at the cusp of realizing they’re gay – or was that just me when I was a kid? What, you never wondered why the subject matter had such a small penis? Even art historians and other scholars have discussed the matter. I was just being scholarly. Art and penises are always interesting topics, and even moreso when combined.

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