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Pink and Channing

by on Nov.25, 2017, under Music & Theater, Queer, Society

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Pink’s got another new song, and this time she’s bringing along none other than the Channing Tatum to dance with her.

And wow, she really knows how to be mind-blowing.

Not only is it a catchy and fab song, but the video is chocful of goodies, starting with Mr. Tatum’s morning, ummm, glory. Then we get lots of color, drag, and dancing Channing. People nowadays often forget that he’s actually an excellent dancer (remember Step Up?), so he came running to remind us all.

There’s also a lot of transgressive imagery and ideas being thrown in, including gender bending, S&M, and the simmering passion under Pleasantvillesque suburbia.

All of it comes together like a quirky movie and in such a wonderful package that Pink, as always, delivers unapologetically.

She wins once again.

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