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by on Sep.27, 2017, under Film & TV, Queer

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So finally, after a pre-election mini-reunion tease last year and a recent confirmation of an actual new season, Will & Grace are back tomorrow (US time).

I’m actually wary of revivals like this – more often than not, they become nothing more than cash cows designed to milk people based on sheer nostalgia for the classic shows while forgetting to actually create good material. Oftentimes, there’s no need for a revival especially if the show ended on a high note. This is the reason why I’m not quite in favor a Buffy reboot and would only advocate maybe a Friends one-time “a decade later” movie.

That said, such revivals can also turn out good. And since this is Jack & Karen Will & Grace, there’s a great chance it will continue to be hilarious (if that pre-election sketch last year is any indication).

So this weekend, when I return, it looks like I’ll be sitting back and relaxing to a new episode of fun and laughter.

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