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Keeping Up With The Vacuous

by on Sep.14, 2017, under Film & TV, Snark

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Recently, I got stuck at home and was unable to go to work due to heavy rains. I was quietly having lunch while the two household helpers watched some reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on TV. Our household help, ladies and gentlemen.

I had never watched the Kardashian show in full, but finally hearing it play in the background while I ate lunch made me wonder yet again: WTF is wrong with the public for having kept this show alive for a decade? Alright, Rob Kardashian may have been attractive at one point in time, but not any more. And his sisters? Not only are they not really attractive underneath all the make-up, just average at best, but I have never seen a more vacuous, self-absorbed group of “reality stars” who were (and still are) so tone deaf and out of touch with, well, reality.

So apparently, for example, in that old episode (from before Caitlyn Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner), the sisters took “pity” on a homeless man and took him in (scripted much?). They gave him a shower, took him to the dentist, and might have even offered to give him a waxing at some point.

I should’ve listened to this guy.

The girls were then shown as being happy that they made the homeless man look great and gorgeous. They ecstatically proclaimed that his “friends would be jealous” before bringing him to a homeless shelter. Because obviously, the most important thing in this situation was to give a homeless man a make-over.

Their equally-vapid mother, during an obviously staged “epilogue” where they discussed the moral lesson of the day (IKR), gave them a pat on the back for being so selfless and for thinking of the less fortunate. If the less fortunate without homes needed help with their back wax, I suppose.

Also, at one point, back-then-still-Bruce-Jenner commented to the camera, “When she was a kid, Khloe brought home stray animals. Now she’s taking home stray people.” And we wonder why Caitlyn Jenner remains to be a Trump supporter with the same levels of empathy (and intelligence) as that of the Orange Dictator.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with these people?

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