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And Then It Got Darker

by on Sep.11, 2017, under Society

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Sixteen years ago, the world changed.

I was in Manila, of course. We were celebrating the birthday of a friend over dinner in the Katipunan area. There was a TV suddenly broadcasting the terrible news as it happened. We were in Manila, but we felt the terror half a world away. When I got home later after midnight, I got glued to the TV again, watching the horror of the aftermath further unfold.

It wasn’t just any terrorist attack. It was a terrorist attack that truly shifted the paradigm of global politics, and whether we would like to believe it or not, 09/11/01 changed the course of our history forever. The fallout from that event is still felt through to today across the globe.

The world, already a dark place, got even darker.

And nowadays, it gets darker still.

But if we stand together as humanity, there will be light.

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