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Cher Your Blessings

by on May.20, 2017, under Film & TV, Music & Theater, Queer

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Guess who’s turning 71 today even though she doesn’t look her age at all? The incomparable Cher, that’s who! The multi-talented icon has had a long and glorious career, and to date she’s still very much active – musically and socially. (You should be following her Twitter account as she’s a riot, especially when criticizing and throwing shade – emoji abuse, and all – at the despicable Trump, among others.)

She started her career in the mid-60s alongside friend-later-husband Sonny Bono, but we all know that eventually she found even greater success as a solo artist and actress. She’s also a tremendous gay icon – for how can she not be? Just look at her. It’s like she’s some priestess of gayness ready to give us her blessings.

Cher may be in her seventies, and so few living artists nowadays can say that they’ve had a continuous career for over fifty years, but Cher will never truly grow old.

Happy birthday, Cher!

Can there be anything gayer than Cher, Tina, and Elton doing Proud Mary together?

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