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Mama’s Boy

by on May.14, 2017, under My Life, Society

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Yes, that’s my beautiful mother when she won her crown.

I’ve always been a Mama’s Boy. Now, as I’m all grown up and adulting, I may not be as clingy as I was when I was a little boy who absolutely could not go anywhere without his Mama.

Still, how could I ever not love the woman who not only gave birth to me but who raised us all as a working mom?

That, and the fact that she won a beauty pageant when she was in high school.

Okay, granted it was a local one.

But as a friend once accurately put it, a crown is still a crown. Haha.

Also, beauconera si mudra. Alam na. Haha.

Now while everyday should really be Mother’s Day, today is that special day for mothers everywhere. It’s even more relevant to us as Methodist Protestants because Mother’s Day originated – through Anna Jarvis – with the Methodist Church. In fact, the International Mother’s Day Shrine is St. Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church.

With all that mothers do and with all that mothers are, it’s just right that we recognize and celebrate the efforts and love of mothers everywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and to all mothers out there!

A tribute I put together a few years ago.

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