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Pagkakataong Umangat Sa Iba

by on May.10, 2017, under Film & TV, Travel & Culture

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Speaking of ads, here’s a little compilation of classic Pinoy ads that I came across recently. Most of these run circles around recent marketing efforts when it comes to creativity.

My Top Three from this compilation. These, in my opinion, remain to be angat sa iba (a cut above the rest), not just for their time but also up to this day.

1. The Sarsi ad is the most magnificent one and could still stand today. Epic, one could even say. The treatise on conformity vs. non-conformity is visualized and choreographed well, and the music and vocals are just astounding.

2. The McDonald’s “Karen po” ad remains to be one of the most heartwarming yet subtle ads ever. It didn’t need lengthy “plots” just to hit the right spot, and with very little dialogue but a lot of nuance, it conveys the story well. With this, McDo could go toe-to-toe with the recent Jollibee #hugot series, and the arches will come out the champ (no pun intended).

3. The Ayala Malls ad is just classy and sophisticated, perfectly reflecting their status as the premiere mall chain in the country. Like the Sarsi and McDo ads, it could be re-released in 2017 with very little to no tweaking, and it would not be outdated at all.

Honorable Mention: Richard Gomez’s Bench/rowing ad is an achievement in simplicity and is memorable. Pretty sure this was also when his fanbase grew exponentially. The lanky but cute Palibhasa Lalaki star was finally a man.

As for the rest: the PLDT and Royal ones definitely are so outdated with the rotary phones and the usage of “cats” as slang. So very Temptation Island. The Jollibee one is just… meh.

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