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One month to go!

Looks like Warner Bros. is now overcompensating making up for the purported barebones marketing for Wonder Woman for which they were criticized by the internet last week.

Of course, it’s also true that perhaps, after the debacle regarding the over-saturation of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad marketing last year which included the spoiler of Doomsday in BvS, they’re trying to practice some restraint. That’s good, but restraint doesn’t mean there should be a huge drop in Wonder Woman visibility so close to the release date.

Well, the good thing is, just a couple of days after those articles started making the rounds of social media, WB released several new Wondie TV spots. Whether this was planned all along or a reactive response to the criticism, I don’t really care. I’m just glad we’re seeing more – without the promos being too spoilery.

And we may also have seen a small glimpse of Ares, to boot. It’s great they’re keeping him well-hidden. I generally don’t mind spoilers, but I still do appreciate genuine surprises.

It must be noted that a lot hangs in the balance not just for DC and WB when it comes to the success of this film. This is the first full-fledged female-led superhero / action / adventure film since the dawn of the DC/Marvel film franchises. It’s also the first one directed by a woman. Wonder Woman was in development hell for the longest time because apparently there’s still the stigma that female-led films and merchandise don’t sell well (Resident Evil gives them the side-eye). If it fails, it could give these sexist folks the ammunition to sink projects like Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel. Worse, it could close doors to female directors for the genre, which would not be good for the over-all diversity and sensibilities of the superhero movie landscape and the industry as a whole.

Regardless, what I’ve seen so far of Wonder Woman tells me it will be high quality and excellent. Director Patty Jenkins definitely knows what she’s doing. We just need to get those butts in the seats.

Well, in any case, we have exactly one month left (one day earlier for the Philippines, yey!) before Wondie makes it to the big screen, an event long overdue, and I’m excited AF.

Wonder Woman opens 02 June 2017 in the USA. It opens on 01 June 2017 in the Philippines and several other countries. Japan has to wait until August. Belgium wins it by 31 May 2017, dammit. I knew I should have been Belgian.

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