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Bradley’s Day

by on Jan.05, 2017, under Film & TV

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Ever since I saw him on The Hangover (the first one, not the awful sequels), I have been a huge fan of Bradley Cooper. The guy is obviously talented, with multiple nominations in the Oscars, BAFTA, and the Golden Globes (just to name a few), and he is also astoundingly gorgeous as heck.

Marvel may have snagged him for the Rocket Racoon role in Guardians of the Galaxy, but as that is voice work, I am still hoping the DC Universe gets him for something. I used to want him for Aquaman, but since Jason Momoa is shaping up to be perfectly-cast for the role already, I think Bradley could be Brainiac, a new Sinestro (though Mark Strong did well in the pre-DCEU Green Lantern), or a big-screen Maxwell Lord (especially since the character’s been ditched from Supergirl). I’d also throw in Green Arrow as a possibility, but I think Charlie Hunnam would be better for that (Charlie incidentally being another guy I thought would’ve made a great Aquaman). Bradley would also have made a significantly better Deadshot than Will Smith, if American Sniper were any indication, even if Smith was good enough.

Today, Bradley turns 42 years old. Forty-two years old! Can you believe that? Forty-two!

No, he doesn’t look like it, does he?

He still sure is quite the Cooper.

Happy birthday, Bradley, baby! Here’s hoping to see more from you soon. We just can never get enough of you.

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