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Toyman, Jr. just impregnated me with his voice.

by on Dec.02, 2016, under Film & TV, Music & Theater

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And I don’t even have ovaries.

I’ve always known Jeremy Jordan has made a bit of a name on Broadway and was even on Smash (which I loved), but I never realized he was this awesome.

My first real encounter with him was on Supergirl, where he plays Winslow “Winn” Schott, Jr. – the son of Superman villain Toyman. Winn himself is not a villain but a Supergirl ally, basically her Felicity/Cisco who is the resident tech guru who provides assistance in intel and creating lots of things. I always thought he was sort of cute (and was definitely rooting for him over Jimmy Olsen for Kara in Season 1, though now that Mon-El is here… sorry, Winn), but seeing Jeremy showcase his singing talent this way has just made me actually adore him.

Plus, not only is he talented singer who has a slight resemblance to Ricky Martin in certain angles when singing, but he’s also hilarious AF.

Between him and Andy Mientus (who was also on Smash and who has appeared on Flash a few times as Pied Piper), that rumored Supergirl/Flash musical crossover will be fantastic. Of course, it’s not known if Pied Piper will actually resurface, but come on, Flash’s music/sound-inspired villain cannot not appear in a musical crossover. Seriously.

Throw in Broadway legends Jesse Martin and Victor Garber (who needs to guest again just for a musical episode), and any musical crossover featuring these four will surely overshadow both Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Grant Gustin (Flash). Don’t get me wrong. The two main stars are okay singers, but seriously, their singing credentials are largely Glee, and I’ve heard them sing, and while they’re above-average, the four Broadway Boys will swallow them alive in the singing department.

In any case, musical episodes are always fun. Just ask Buffy.

Meawhile, here are some more Jeremy Jordan gems. Impregnate me some more, buddy.

That’s his wife. Lucky girl.

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