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The Rose That Refused To Move

by on Dec.01, 2016, under Society

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Today we commemmorate that historical moment 61 years ago when Rosa Parks refused to move to a designated bus seat, defying US racial segregation laws of the time and getting arrested in the process. Her act of defiance remains to be one of the most powerful cries against oppression and discrimination of the entire 20th century, and wherever we may be, may she always be a reminder for us to never accept being treated as less than equal among our fellow human beings.

Now, more than ever, when the world is being over-run by the likes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and actual fucking neo-Nazis, the lesson of Rosa Parks should be remembered again and again, whether we are fighting for the color of our skin, or for our sexual orientation or gender identity, or for our religious beliefs.

The story of Rosa Parks must be passed on from generation to generation, from nation to nation,so that we will always know that being an equal human being is a cause worth fighting for, wherever we may be.

Whatever darkness we might find ourselves in, Rosa will always remind us that fighting against it will always provide us hope that there is a light that is waiting to shine very bright.

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