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An Invasion! is coming…

by on Nov.27, 2016, under Film & TV, Geeky

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Super Friends?

… to the DC CW Universe.

This coming week, the annual Arrowverse crossover will now span four shows: Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Well, 3.10 shows if the level of the Supergirl show’s involvement is really just at the end of that episode.

And after seeing the trailer, I almost wept.




The storyline is roughly based on the late 80s DC-wide crossover event Invasion! (Yes, the exclamation mark is a must.) In this classic storyline, an alliance of alien races led by the Dominators decide to invade Earth purportedly in order to curb the threat of metahumans, a unique phenomenon on the planet wherein humans with the metagene can unexpectedly develop super-powers given the right stimuli. Long story short: Earth fights back. And wins.

According to interviews, the CW TV crossover event will closely follow the comic book premise and story, although obviously the scope will probably be smaller in terms of metas involved given limitations of television.

That said, the trailer already has me excited.

Currently, my only complaint: the Dominators. They look like malnourished White Martians, though they do seem to have their caste-identifying red circles on their foreheads. Plus, they’re obviously the fighting army here, and the comic book versions depict the Dominators as schemers who do not really have the physical prowess to go into battle (hence, their need to ally themselves with several brutal alien races).

I understand it’s probably not feasible to recreate the entire Alien Alliance from Invasion! on small-budget TV, but at the very least they could’ve added Khunds as ground forces with Dominators as manipulators. “Supergirl” does regularly feature multiple aliens, no? (And they already had a Khund on the show.)

Of course, this observation is just based off the trailer. I would be happy to be proven wrong this coming week.

In any case, this will surely be a treat! I’m giddy as a virgin on a mechanical bull.

Look! It’s the Hall of Justice!



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