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Here’s the Curie to your sexism.

by on Nov.07, 2016, under Society

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When assholes tell women to “go back to the kitchen,” and yes, I still see some neanderthals making such misogynistic comments even against accomplished women such as doctors, lawyers, and presidential candidates, send the idiots a box of radioactive material with a regards from Marie Curie and hope they lose their hair and become sterile so as not to further contaminate the gene pool. (Don’t worry about brain damage; they don’t have brains to begin with.)

Of course, if you’ve been educated enough, you would know that Marie Curie, this great woman from the late 1800s and early 1900, was not only a physicist and chemist who pioneered studies on radioactivity, she also went on to win a couple of Nobel prizes. Among other things.

Not bad for someone who could still, if she lived today, be the subject of misogynistic abuse from less accomplished amoeba. But in the end, she still slays them all.

Happy birthday, Marie!

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