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The Walking Ghost of the Diplomat

by on Oct.31, 2016, under My Life, Travel & Culture

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The Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, 03 August 2015

Since it’s Halloween, I thought it would be apt to share a little throwback ghost experience we had in 2015. It was my birthday weekend, and as a huge fan of horror and the supernatural, I decided my friends and I would do a ghost tour on my exact birthday.

However, the ghost tour at that time had temporarily stopped including the infamous Diplomat Hotel in its itinerary, which was a bummer because it was one of the places I’d been longing to see. So I decided, along with one of friends, to just independently visit the Diplomat prior to our trip back to Manila. In the light of day, obviously, which was the next morning.

Well, the Diplomat Hotel was certainly… interesting, if by “interesting” we mean creepy and disturbing. Let me just share the story that I already wrote to caption the video that I uploaded onto my YouTube account back then.

03 August 2015
Dominican Hill, Baguio City

I went to the Diplomat Hotel with one of my besties, Bj (shown in the video). As I continued taking more pictures inside, he went ahead outside to do a video selfie with his GoPro.

This is the video he took. When he took this video, there was no one there with him, and certainly no one who walked by behind him. So who is that man, in the 70s outfit, who walked behind him? Note his transparency as well as he passed by the shrubs.

What’s more interesting is that, in the still shots taken by GoPro simultaneously*, there was no man in the pics. The second still shot also went very dark.

I also took this picture of one of the rooms. There’s something in the fireplace.

Coupled with at least one pic that I myself took of a fireplace with a creepy old woman, it seems that the stories about the Diplomat Hotel are true.

* GoPro allows one to take a video, wherein every 5 seconds a still shot of what is being filmed also gets captured.

Post-Script: for several nights after the trip (and after I uploaded the vid), Bj had restless, delirious sleep time full of bad dreams. Whether it was because of the Diplomat or the Laperal White House exploration we had during our ghost tour (or any of the other places we visited), we’re not entirely certain.

Happy Halloween!

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