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Stupid? No, you’re just self-entitled. (Part 3)

by on Oct.24, 2016, under Snark, Society

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Stupid? No, you’re just self-entitled. (Part 2)

7. “Stupid Rules For Performance Reviews.” First off, let me just say that many companies are now doing away with the bell curve. The remaining ones, however, usually have controls to ensure a fair assessment.

There’s a financial component to a stack rank: a company cannot give 100% of its employees a 20% annual raise. It needs to bucketize. Top performers get higher raises, those who meet goals get basic raises, and those who under-perform… well, why reward a lazy freeloader?

Top performers also get to be considered for promotions more often.

The mindset of giving everyone the same thing is the mindset of a high schooler who wants to get a trophy for attending school.

8. “Stupid Pay Structures.” Rigid salary structures are important to keep the financial health of a company.

Also, if you’re performing better, most companies give you a higher raise than others (see #7 – THAT is why there’s a stack rank).

So most companies do reward high performers. If you’ve never experienced this, chances are you’re a mediocre performer. This is probably because you’re a whiner.

In real life, you don’t get participation trophies. You’ll get a salary, but don’t expect to get more for doing only the basics of the job you’re being paid to do.

9. “Stupid Rules For Time-Off.” Let’s say you have 30 people in your team, and suddenly 28 people all want to go on time off and toil leave in the same two week period… well, let’s just leave it at that.

Yes, you are stupid to even ask why your leaves need to be plotted and planned properly, barring emergency cases, if you cannot figure this out for yourself.

10. “Too Many Stupid Rules In The First Place.”

By all means, if you thinks there are too many stupid rules, start your own company without a good chunk of these rules.

Let’s see how long your business lasts.

At the end of the day, the reality is that if this is one’s attitude about policies in the workplace, then you are not a good employee at all. If you leave the company for these reasons, then the company has not chased away a good employee. It has gotten rid of a bad employee with minimal effort.

The author whines about how workers are no longer in school. She’s right, and she should stop whining like a self-entitled student who wants to be recognized just for showing up to class. She needs to start acting like an adult – an actual professional in the workforce.

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