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His Majesty Shall Rest

by on Oct.14, 2016, under Society

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I still remember learning about King Bhumibol Adultadej (Rama IX) back in high school circa 1992 during Ma’am Stella’s Asian History class. I became fascinated by Thailand’s monarchy afterwards.

The King was one of the most beloved monarchs in the world. Aside from their law that disallows the defamation or insults of their king, queen, and heir (in place even before he was crowned), he comes from a line that ensured that Siam would never be colonized. Moreover, he himself has been seem as a calming and unifying force in Thai politics; although he has limited powers (being a constitutional monarch), he has used his influence to ease high tension periods of the country.

At his passing yesterday, 13th of October, he was the longest-serving head of state and longest-reigning monarch of his country.

Rest in peace, your Majesty.

Credits: BBC

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