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Absolutely Golden

by on Oct.06, 2016, under Film & TV

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So it turns out that this year’s New York Comic Con, which begins today, will have something that I (and several other friends) would surely want to have: exclusive Golden Girls action figures.

For some reason, and whatever it is I’m thankful for it, Golden Girls merchandise have been gaining popularity in the past few years. From shirts to candles to bobble-heads, the classic sitcom seems to either be regaining a new fanbase more than twenty years after it ended or else its legion of fans (most of whom I assume would be in their late 30s and older) have been getting nostalgic.

After all, Golden Girls was a pretty revolutionary show. For one, who would’ve thought a show about four older, independent, and feisty women would be such a hit in its time? On the surface, it seemed like a typical “chick flick” comedy type, just with single (either divorced or widowed) old ladies.

Except these ladies led active sex lives (even the octogenarian) and dealt with a lot of socio-political issues (including artificial insemination and non-traditional families, inter-racial relationships, euthanasia, disease, LGBT stories, illegal migrants, and a host of others that would make it still very fit in 2016).

All while being hilarious AF: the sarcastic Dorothy (Bea Arthur), her witty and outrageous mother Sofia (Estelle Getty), the stupid but big-hearted Rose (Betty White), and the slut sexually-liberal Blanche (Rue McClanahan).

Today, only the amazing Betty White remains alive at 94. She’s still active in showbiz and still funny as hell.

However, the legacy of the ladies and their groundbreaking show remain and always will. The Golden Girls are an immortal bunch, and they will never leave our collective subconscious.

So now I need someone to get me those dolls action figures. Stat.

Anybody want cheesecake?

I wouldn’t mind these candles, either. And the cheesecake.

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