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Remembering A Hero

by on Aug.21, 2016, under Society

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imageNo amount of black propaganda or foolish attempts at historical revisionism will ever change the fact that Ninoy Aquino was a true hero of the sovereign Filipino people.

He was just one of the many victims of Martial Law, that atrocity that fools deign to underplay or – even worse – deny.

And yes, there were many victims. Tens of thousdands, in fact: tens of thousands of Filipinos tortured, raped, killed, or who simply vanished without a trace.

But it was Ninoy’s bravery in opposing the dictatorship and his subsequent death that catalyzed a nation to wake up from its fear-induced slumber and helped remove a malevolent despot a few years later in a peaceful revolution that amazed the world.

For that, he will always be nothing less than a hero.

Nowadays, the willfully blind and moronic refuse to believe documented and unbiased facts compiled here and around the globe. Instead, they seek to demonize heroes and elevate monsters as they fuel a machine that seeks to poison the truth.

It is heartening to know, though, that these idiots are simply a loud and brainless majority.

The vast majority of the nation still know the truth.

Ninoy Aquino’s sacrifice thirty-three will never be forgotten nor will it ever be in vain.

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